Geek of all Trades Episode #8: Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio…

In which our illustrious host shows the world why he will never be on American Idol, goes into an unprescedented(sp?) level of detail about his forthcoming book, talks
about the new Coen Brothers movie, and rants about a cancelled order at Amazon.

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This Week’s Schenectady Mailbox Writing Prompt: Setting: The opening ceremony of the Clarke Space Elevator.

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Mentioned on the Show:
Slice of Sci-Fi
Andy McKee
Suzanne Lyrics
The Graduate
Home Land by Sam Lipsyte
Kevin Smith
Chuck Palahniuk
Love Story
The Godfather (Xbox 360)
October 15th
Teacher Attacked Over Witch Claim
Victory over dogma in California
Burn After Reading
AMC plans Mars mission
Clarke Dream Becoming a Reality?
Man writes with tears
Ginseng jabs kill three in Yunnan
Chemistry Nobel for green jellyfish protein
Gardener told to take down barbed wire to protect thieves
Mafia Wars

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