Geek of all Trades Episode #11: Tron Paul

In which our illustrious host geeks out on Bond and Trek, plays 2 brand new promos (well, new to him anyway), talks about the last few movies of 2008 he really wants to see, gives a shout out to the podcasting community, and complains about Google Alerts.

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This Week’s Schenectady Mailbox Writing Prompt: What are genies like between masters?

Buffy Between the Lines:
The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd:

Mentioned on the Show:
Slice of Sci-Fi
Mitt Zombie ’08
Quantum of Solace
New Star Trek Trailer
November 26th
American Dad: Ollie North Song
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology urges repeal of Louisiana ‘Creation Law’
The Spirit(originally at
Men guilty over fake penis scam
Judge sentences offenders to listen to Barry Manilow
Cash to name babies for Mussolini
Accused Drunk Driver Ends Up Running Over Himself
The Weird Show
The Ninth: A Heroes Podcast
I’m Your Man lyrics
Google Alerts
Alan Moore
SoCal’s atheist billboard taken down (originally at
Vagina Rejuvenation
Geologic Podcast

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