Geek of all Trades Episode #14: Happy International year of Astronomy everybody!

In which our illustrious host gets a nasty cold, apologizes again for the Rick Roll, talks a bit about Morevi Remastered, has to yell at Keepsie (cat) again, and plays a promo that probably breaks Godwin’s Law.

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Futuristic Sex Robotz
World of Warcraft
Rick Rolling
George Hrab
Last Year’s Man lyrics
The 2nd Amendment
The 1st Amendment
Michael Moore
Morevi by Tee Morris
Cutthroat Island
Freedom From Religion Foundation sues over prayer at inauguration
N.Y. Newspaper Promotes Creation Museum During Special Arts & Leisure Weekend
Man shoots talker at the movies
Wholly Pointless Podcast


  1. I’m on an old computer and podcatchers don’t seem to work. I end up downloading my podcasts manually, visiting the sites and finding the right button to click. I can’t find such a button on your site. It seems like something I’d like, but perhaps I’ll never know – followed a link here from the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, by the way.

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