Geek of all Trades Episode #20: This ex-loser’s promise

In which our illustrious host has some announcements regarding segments, opens the floodgates for the Twilight feedback, geeks out about BaltiCon (most podcast name drops ever?), and intros the new outro.

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New Memory Material May Hold Data For One Billion Years
Counting cells could trigger their own destruction
Residents no longer butt of jokes
Don’t get in a flap, it’s just a cat with furry wings
All Because of You Lyrics
War room is no place for Bible study
Conservative activists turn to web for traction; denounce gay ‘marraige’

Also Mentioned on the Show:
Nathan Lowell
The BaltiCon Podcast
Scott Roche
Kim’s site
The Weird Show
Metamor City
Escape Pod
Tee Moris
The strip where Junkie May is responsible for my demise
Murder at Avedon Hill
The Murverse
J.C. Hutchins
Evo Terra
Scott Sigler
George Hrab
The site for the guy I bought my sword from
The Funny Music Project
Calls For Cthulhu
Phil Rossi
Jared Axelrod
J.R. Blackwell
Christiana Ellis
Paulette Jaxton
12v Theater
Ninjas vs. Zombies
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
They Might Be Giants’ Apollo 18
David Moldawer
Jill Sobule
Philippa Ballantine
Blinded By Rainbows
Personal Effects: Dark Art
Nina Kimberly the Merciless
James Patrick Kelly
Brandon Sanderson
The Colbert Gay Marriage Ad Parody
The Agnostic Brothers Podcast
War, Inc.

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