Geek of all Trades Episode #32: Fel ddeudi Geek chan pawb Chrefftau i mewn Cymraeg?

In which our illustrious host crosses the streams by playing an Irish band in an episode with a Welsh title, talks about time blurring together, brings up the Monk finale, plays a second song, shares some Eddie Izzard clips, talks about stolen iPods and weird music tastes, and agrees with someone he never thought he would ever agree with in his life.

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TV’s Crowning Moments of Awesome:
Podsafe Music:
Some sound on this show comes from The Free Sound Project:
Outro Song: The Oath by Street Sweeper Social Club:

The Weird Show:
The Empress Sword:

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December 10th

Also Mentioned on the Show:
Black Lab
Cake or Death
Eddie Izzard’s Cake or Death bit (YouTube)
Eddie Izzard’s Death Star bit (YouTube)
Baucus reactions – Steele: ‘a whole host of ethical questions’

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