The Music of Geek of all Trades #2 of 4

Never Gonna Give You Up performed by George Hrab
WoW by Futuristic Sex Robotz
Drunk & Fuck by Penny Relentless
Brainsbodyboth by George Hrab
Comic Shp Rock by LogicOne
Call Me (The Club Mix) by Lisa Radford
I Can’t Help by Bosco and Peck
Departure by Alamantra
Circle Round a Fire by Don’t Be A Stranger
Cthulhu Fthagn by Tom Smith feat. the great Luke Ski
The Oath by Street Sweeper Social Club
Who’s Gonna Save the Poor by CSharp
Who Dogs the Outlet by George Hrab
Hotrod Gremlin by Jukebox Sinners
Look At Me by The Raygun Girls
The Waiting Place by Bosco & Peck

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