The Music of Geek of all Trades #3 of 4

I Am Jack’s Reducibly Uncomplex Bacterial Flagellum by Dr. Chaotica
Five for Two by Bob Ricci
WinterStage by Longing For Orpheus
Blow Me Down by Moneyshot Cosmonauts
The Return Of The Quantumn Tweezers by BeebleBrox
The Orange and The Green by The Brobdingnagian Bards
Satisfied by Cake or Death
Ghost Inside Your House by Auto-Defiance
Naked by Bosco & Peck
I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy by Devo Spice
There’s a Spy in My Martini by David Parker
Consumer Whore by Team Smile & Nod
Cheap-Ass Cyborg by Tom Smith
Creation Sounds by Ruder Than You

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