The Music of Geek of all Trades #4 of 4

You’re Homely But I’ll Sleep With You by Moneyshot Cosmonauts
They Finished Reading The Internet by The Jackass-Penguin Show
42 by Tim George
42 by Coldplay
Rentboy by Robert Lund and
The Man Don’t Like It by The Volume Brothers
Lost Without My Lost by Power Salad
Chance of a Lifetime by Future
Follow Me Up To Carlow by Murder the Stout
Time to Go by Simon Fagan
Unfairionaire by Lord T and Eloise
It’s Good To Be The King by the great Luke Ski
The Hyrule Connection by Rocket Propelled Geek
Input/Output by neo cartoon lover
Eyesore by Amelia
I’ll Be Over You by Andy McKee
I Can’t Wait by David Ippolito
Kill Myself To Death by Team Smile and Nod

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