Geek of All Trades Episode #105: Waxing Philosophical

Geek of All Trades logoGeek of all Trades Episode #105: Waxing Philosophical
Wherein our hosts do just that :-).

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Intro/Outro Music: “Sun In The Eyes” by Orchestra Macaroon:

Song: “Grandmother’s Place” by Allison Lonsdale, from “Live at Lestat’s” (lyrics)

* The Casting Game:

Worst Wingnuts On My Mind
* Worse: Tea Party GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann thinks founding fathers ended slavery
* Worser: Piven Responds To Beck: “It Only Takes One Person Who Is A Little Deranged”
* Worsest: Rep. Peter King: “80 Percent Of Mosques In This Country Are Controlled By Radical Imams”

Also Mentioned on the Show
* National Orange Show:
* Rain on the Rose Parade:
* Scientists supersize quantum mechanics:
* Theisms: (specifically Panentheism, Pantheism, Polytheism, with a touch of Animism)
* Imbolc:
* The Rites of Brigid: Goddess & Saint

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