See You In February

As some of you may be aware, Arkle Studios suffered a catastrophic existence failure last week (my hard drive died). Luckily, this is not the utter disaster I feared such an incident would be, but things are still out of whack. The good news is, the unaired episodes of Gilmore Girls Re-watch that Angela and I have recorded are safe, and ready to be edited (including the Season 3 wrap-up that was due this past Tuesday). Also, the next episode of Singular Achievement Phenomenon was not recorded so nothing was lost.

The bad news? I have a LOT to catch up on, both podcasting related and otherwise. So, as such, even though I’ll be back on-line probably by Tuesday the 17th, I’m not going to be releasing any podcasts until February 11th, and not recording any until the 2nd at the earliest (the day after my 30th birthday). On the 11th, the next episode of S.A.P. will drop. The following Tuesday, you will get the Gilmore Girls Re-watch podcast episode where Angela and I wrap up Season 3.

As for Geek of all Trades 2.0, um, yeah about that… Look, I wanted to do it, I really did. But with work getting more stressful thanks to my new position, plus the work on my book (put on hold due to the death of my hard drive), I’ve neither the time nor the energy right now to have a third podcast going, not even one with no set release schedule. I totally get now where my roommate was coming from when he cited the fact that he’s on a headset all day at work as his reason for never wanting to tell one of his funny life stories on my shows. I have to wear a head-set at work now, and frankly, it takes more effort now than it used to put my own on for GGR and SAP. At least there I have other people to help motivate me.

So look for an official good-bye episode in the next few months. I’ll get together with Mom and Roland, and we will do a joint farewell episode, saying goodbye to both our versions of the show. This is gonna be news to them, because I only just now thought of it, but hopefully they’ll be cool. 😉

So, I’m not dead. And I’m not panicking about it either, like last time I had a computer die. I don’t even want to link to that blog post, it was so whiny and fatalistic. Arkle Studios will be back up and running soon, and ready for a (hopefully) less sucky year for it’s members. See you In February, and be sure to spread the word to any GGR or SAP fans who may not have gotten the memo. 😉

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