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So, I’ve been doing these for a little while

For the past month or so, as I look for any excuse that I can to ignore that I’ve now gone a full year without even an interview for a job, or even for volunteer work (unpaid; just to pad the resume), and that any time I get the idea of maybe trying to podcast again my grandmother’s computer starts acting funny as if to say “Don’t even try it buster,” I’ve been talking over movie on my Livestream site (

3 of the 4 I’ve done were successfully recorded, so you can watch them at the links below, and I always announce my next one on my Facebook page. I may be stopping these soon too as very few people have been showing up, but JIC any of my old podcast fans want to hear me talk over a movie…

Living Out Loud:
The Replacement Killer:
Southland Tales:

The Next Arkle Livestream

On Wednesday, December 12th, at 3pm Pacific time, to 6 PM, I will be streaming at

At around 4, I’ll be sharing my YouTube playist, Desert Island Soundtrack, inspired by the latest episode of Musical Chair by Nash Bozard.

Feel free to stop by, and spread the word to anyone you know who might be a fan of my podcasts. I’d like to have a good crowd this time. I’ll answer questions, talk about the forthcoming 100th episode of Gilmore Girls Re-watch podcast, and maybe even take a few requests before and after the Desert Island Soundtrack. 😉

Suburban Knights/To Boldly Flee Fan Commentary Tracks

I recently took part in fan made commentary tracks for the last two feature length anniversary films for the website, Suburban Knights (2011) and To Boldly Flee (2012). Hosted by Des Shinta, the two were recorded out of order, but both are watchable now. Videos below the cut. Or they would be, had WordPress not decided to be an [expletives deleted] AND REMOVE THE EMBED CODES FOR NO REASON! Grr. Fine, direct links it is. You know, this is not the first time they’ve done this to me.

Vlog #7: Don’t check my pockets.

Should’ve posted this awhile ago.

While I’m not quite ready to get back into the podcasting game yet (and believe me, I’m itching for the opportunity), I’ve managed to keep my web presence up. Recently, I lent my voice to an episode of Diamanda Hagan’s Twatty Who Reviews. Language is NSFW, but I show up in the last 9 minutes or so.

Well, my voice does.

With a British accent.

Just listen for the line “Oh screw this, I’m going to the pub.” 🙂

Vlog #6: Washington Post, WTF?!

Vlog #5: On tragedy, anniversaries, and Les Mis

Vlog #4: On the cancellation of 24-lite. Ooops, I mean CSI: Miami

Arkle Vlog #3: Mister Terrific #8 Comments

*facepalm* Arkle Vlogs

I forgot to put them up here, but I have videos now. You can find them on, or just watch them here. Here are my first two vids, the 2nd of which just went up today.