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Gilmore Girls Re-watch #86: Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist

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Plot Summary: Rory and Paris flee from a rainy Dickens-like late winter for a week in Florida for college spring break with the socially awkward Glen and the fitness-freak Janet. There, Rory and Paris meet old school friends Madeline and Louise, the party queens of the area, who give them some pointers for partying, in which Paris goes out of her way to get some attention. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai struggles with her growing romance with Jason while she’s forced to bail out Luke from jail when he’s arrested over stalking his former girlfriend.

Gilmore Girls Re-watch Podcast Episode 46: Our Little Corner of the World (the GG Soundtrack)

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Plot Summary: In this episode, Angela and I discuss in depth the Gilmore Girls soundtrack CD, Our Little Corner of the World. Mostly. 😉

The Music of Geek of all Trades #4 of 4

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You’re Homely But I’ll Sleep With You by Moneyshot Cosmonauts
They Finished Reading The Internet by The Jackass-Penguin Show
42 by Tim George
42 by Coldplay
Rentboy by Robert Lund and
The Man Don’t Like It by The Volume Brothers
Lost Without My Lost by Power Salad
Chance of a Lifetime by Future
Follow Me Up To Carlow by Murder the Stout
Time to Go by Simon Fagan
Unfairionaire by Lord T and Eloise
It’s Good To Be The King by the great Luke Ski
The Hyrule Connection by Rocket Propelled Geek
Input/Output by neo cartoon lover
Eyesore by Amelia
I’ll Be Over You by Andy McKee
I Can’t Wait by David Ippolito
Kill Myself To Death by Team Smile and Nod

The Music of Geek of all Trades #3 of 4

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I Am Jack’s Reducibly Uncomplex Bacterial Flagellum by Dr. Chaotica
Five for Two by Bob Ricci
WinterStage by Longing For Orpheus
Blow Me Down by Moneyshot Cosmonauts
The Return Of The Quantumn Tweezers by BeebleBrox
The Orange and The Green by The Brobdingnagian Bards
Satisfied by Cake or Death
Ghost Inside Your House by Auto-Defiance
Naked by Bosco & Peck
I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy by Devo Spice
There’s a Spy in My Martini by David Parker
Consumer Whore by Team Smile & Nod
Cheap-Ass Cyborg by Tom Smith
Creation Sounds by Ruder Than You

The Music of Geek of all Trades #2 of 4

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Never Gonna Give You Up performed by George Hrab
WoW by Futuristic Sex Robotz
Drunk & Fuck by Penny Relentless
Brainsbodyboth by George Hrab
Comic Shp Rock by LogicOne
Call Me (The Club Mix) by Lisa Radford
I Can’t Help by Bosco and Peck
Departure by Alamantra
Circle Round a Fire by Don’t Be A Stranger
Cthulhu Fthagn by Tom Smith feat. the great Luke Ski
The Oath by Street Sweeper Social Club
Who’s Gonna Save the Poor by CSharp
Who Dogs the Outlet by George Hrab
Hotrod Gremlin by Jukebox Sinners
Look At Me by The Raygun Girls
The Waiting Place by Bosco & Peck

The Music of the Geek of all Trades Podcast: Part 1 of 4

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Dangerman by Rocket Propelled Geek featuring Kelly Morgan
The Great Escape by Amelia
Freestyle by neo cartoon lover
Hey Kate by The Fire Apes
The Legend of the Big Giant Head by David Ippolito
Have You Suffered Enough by aegis
She by Andy McKee
Liars, Inc. by Freakhouse
Star-Spangled Banner performed by George Hrab
Gory Gory Hallelujah by the great Luke Ski
Another Friend by 37hz
The Whiskey Never Lies by Sligo Rags
Soft Focus by Black Nite Crash
I Hate Christmas by Ben Twisted

Geek of all Trades Episode #49b: The Trebulogic Podcast of All Trades

In which our illustrious host resolves last episode’s cliffhanger, interviews George Hrab, and lets everyone know that there will be no show the week of Dragon Con.

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Milton Mermikides
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Geek of all Trades Holiday Special 2009: Music of the MILF & Cookies Podcast

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How many of you even remembered that the Geek of all Trades podcast used to be called MILF & Cookies podcast? It was the same show pretty much mind you. The title was not indicative of the content, it was chosen for its pun value.

Anyway, this special bonus episode is exactly what it says on the tin.

Enjoy. 🙂

Track 1: A Roomful of MILFs by Jukebox Sinners
Track 2: Heaven Must Be Boring by George Hrab
Track 3: Seven Drunken Nights by The Brobdingnagian Bards
Track 4: The Chainsaw Juggler by the great Luke Ski
Track 5: It Started With A Mixx by Los Campesinos!
Track 6: River of Joy by Black Lab
Track 7: Different by New London Fire
Track 8: White Daisy Passing by Rocky Votalato
Track 9: Deadlocked (voxless version) by aegis
Track 10: No Sleep Til Babylon by the great Luke Ski
Track 11: How Do I Make You Mine by Slau