One of a Marvel’s wave of new heroes in the 1990s, Darkhawk got off to a strong start but eventually fizzled out under the “Ghost Rider” syndrome — a ton of mysterious backstory that was drug out for far too long and a series that was filled with altogether too many guest-stars. At times it seemed like “Darkhawk & Friends.” Regardless, the character is a good one for a roleplaying game environment.

Real Name: Christopher Powell
Advantages: Allies (New Warriors, Portal, Spider-Man), Contact (Avengers)
Disadvantages: Depression, Enemies (Evilhawk, Venom), Secret Identity
Reflexes: 2D (3D)
Brawling 4D (5D), dodge 5D (6D)
Coordination: 2D (4D)
Marksmanship (force blasts) 6D (7D), missile weapons (grappling hook) 6D (7D)
Physique: 2D (7D)
Lifting 3D (8D), resistance 4D (9D)
Knowledge: 2D
Computer ops 3D
Perception: 2D
Shadowing 4D, streetwise 3D
Presence: 2D (3D)
Bluff 3D (4D), intimidation 3D (4D)
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 3D (4D)
P/l Bonus: + 1 (+ 4)
Hero Points: 12 Body Points: 27 (52)
Character Points: 90 Powers : All of Darkhawk’s powers are available only in his heroic form. He can transform from Chris to Darkhawk almost instantaneously.

  • Superattributes: Reflexes 1D, Coordination 2D, Physique 5D, Presence 1D
  • Natural Weapons (claws) 4D
  • Flight 6D (originally, Darkhawk could only glide via his wings. When his powers were increased in Darkhawk #38, his wings vanished and he was capable of true flight.)
  • Force Field 5D (limitation: may not be used while force blast is in use and protects only from frontal attacks)
  • Energy Projection (Force Blast) 5D (limitation: may not be used while force field is in use)
  • Healing (self-only) 4D (limitation: In order for Darkhawk to use this power, he must transform back into Chris Powell for at least one round)

Equipment: Darkhawk’s right gauntlet contains a projectable grappling hook. The hook has a range of 30 feet and provides + 1D to all climbing rolls. If used as a weapon, the grappling hook has a BDV of 3D and can be used as a snare. The gauntlet’s web line has 30 Body Points.

History: Taken from The Marvel Heroes Classic RPG Site

Dargin Bokk was an intergalactic crimelord, who sought to improve his agents so they would become expandable, but able to come back (Invulnerability). He thus went on a quest for independent scientists, whose inventions could be combined to create super-agents. One scientist had a mean to store consciousnesses, another a teleportational system which could substitute a being for another, a Terran built sophisticated androids, another scientist worked on telepathy, another on the techno-virus, and the last one had managed to access a pocket dimension called null-space.

Five android, each with an amulet allowing to telepathically control it, were designed. However, most of the scientists had been coerced by Bokk, and they rebelled using the Darkhawk bodies. Bokk killed one of the Darkawk and took over it, becoming Evilhawk. One of the ‘hawks fused with Bokk’s starship, and another had his body stolen by Portal. The two remaining ones projected their consciousness on Earth, and became mysterious Darkhawk supporting characters.

One of the amulets ended up in the hands of Chris Powell, a young New Yorker. He became a vigilante after he discovered his father, a cop, was on the take from a local crimelord, and made himself powerful enemies.

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