Ultimate Spider-Man comics [SOLD]

[Ultimate Spider-Man collection]Signal boost for my younger son’s eBay auction (expired, but they’re still available, and issue #99 has been found there’s no gap).

From the listing:

Ultimate Spider-Man GN1, Issues 10-126, Super Special 1, Annuals 1&3

Here is a collection of Ultimate Spider-Man comics. It includes:

– Graphic Novel #1 (collects issues 1-7)

-Individual issues #10-126

-Super Special #1

-Annual issues #1 & 3 (I’m pretty sure I never had #2)

The cover of the graphic novel is slightly bent, but it’s not particularly bad; some individual pages have dents in them, but they seem to only be really noticeable in certain lighting conditions. After skimming through the other comics, I didn’t notice anything wrong with them.

Aside from the graphic novel, all issues are bagged and boarded. Some bags are slightly damaged (mainly on the flaps) and one or two of the boards are off-color, but again, the ISSUES are just fine.

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