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In the wake of the Emerald Crossing debacle and the ensuing Zero Heroes miniseries, the core members (after battling the Extant Celestial in its pocket reality) returned to our realm, only to be swept up in a strange reality where a bizarre group of doppelgangers served as the Queen's Hyperclan and the JL:Avengers were hunted down. The Martian Super-Skrulls and their sorcerous empress were beaten, and reality was restored, of course. Since then, the following heroes have been the core of the Justice League: Avengers.

Super-Soldier (Steve Rogers/Clark Kent)
Attributes and skills: Ref 5D (15D): Acrobatics 10D (20D), Brawling 10D (20D), Driving 6D (16D), Dodge 7D (17D), Martial Arts 10D (20D)(all maneuvers +2D), Melee Weapons 6D (16D)(Shield +9D), Piloting 6D (16D)(Self +1D); Coordination 5D (15D): Throwing 10D (20D)(Shield +5D), Marksmanship (Heat Vision) 18D; Physique 5D (50D): Flying 55D; Knowledge 3D: Arcane Lore 4D, Computer Ops 5D, Criminology 7D, Languages 10D (Kryptonian +2D), Medicine 4D (First Aid +2D), Research 8D, Scholar 8D (18D)(Kryptonian Science +2D), Science 7D (17D)(Kryptonian Science +2D, Sociology +2D), Security 5D (Avengers systems +5D); Perception 4D: Artist 8D, Know-How 8D, Search 6D, Shadowing 5D, Streetwise 5D (New Metropolis +2D), Surveillance 6D, Survival 8D, Tracking 5D; Presence 6D: Charm 8D, Command 15D, Interrogation 7D, Intimidation 8D, Persuasion 8D, Willpower 15D
Powers: Microwave Projection (Eyes) 15D, Immunity 10D, Longevity 10D, Superattributes: Reflexes, Coordination, Knowledge (Scholar & Science only) 10D each - Physique 45D, Superbreath 15D (Mastery), Supersenses 15D, X-Ray Vision 14D (Ineffective vs. Lead), Flight 20D, Speed Manipulation 12D (only for movement and extra actions), Invulnerability 15D. All powers have the following limitations: Ineffective (Magic and Red Sun radiation), Vulnerability @ 5D (Green K), Side Effect @ 2D (powers go berserk in presence of Red K), Weakness @ 5D (Gravity; Steve loses 3D of Physique and 1D from every other power for every +1D of Gravity Manipulation [Increase] applied against him).
Advantages: Attractive -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JL:Avengers, American Government) -6D each, Leadership Ability x2 -4D, Technologically Advanced -20D, Wealth -2D.
Disadvantages: Dependent (Sharon Lane-Rogers) +1D, Enemy (Green Skull, General Zemo) +3D each, (Rogues' Gallery) +6D, Secret Identity +3D.
Stats: PDV: 10 (22 with superspeed), Unarmed BDV: 8D with Brawling, 1D with Martial Arts, P/l bonus: +25, Hero Points: 40, Character Points: 350, Body Points: 200.
Equipment: Super-Shield (Armor Value 75, BDV 7Dx2).

Amazon (Ororo Prince)
Attributes and skills: Reflexes 4D (12D): Brawling 7D (15D), Dodge 5D (13D), Martial Arts 9D (17D) (Arm Pin +1D, Disarm +4D, Flip +2D, Knockout +2D, Leg Sweep+1D, Pin +3D, Weapon Parry +5D) Melee Weapons 7D (15D)(Bracelets +10D, Spears +2D), Piloting 8D (16D)(Self +3D), Riding 5D (13D), Sneak 8D (16D); Coordination 4D (12D): Lockpicking 7D (15D), Missile Weapons 5D (13D)(Magic Lightning +4D), Thievery 6D (14D)(Escape Artist +2D), Thrown Weapons 6D (14D); Physique 5D (35D): Flying 7D (37D), Leap 6D (36D), Running 8D (38D); Knowledge 3D: Arcane Lore 5D, Medicine 9D, Scholar 7D (Amazon Lore +3D, Strategy +2D, Tactics +2D), Science 5D, Security 6D (JL:A systems +1D); Perception 4D: Hide 7D, Know-How 7D (Manipulation Powers +4D), Survival 9D, Tracking 8D; Presence 4D: Command 11D, Intimidation 9D, Persuasion 12D, Willpower 10D
Powers: Immunity 10D, Longevity 15D, Superattributes: Reflexes & Coordination 8D - Physique 30D, Invulnerability 9D (blunt trauma only), Speed Manipulation 14D (running speed, initiative, and Defense Value only), Air Manipulation 11D, Weather Manipulation 12D (Mastery), Magnetic Manipulation 12D (Lightning Bonds only; Linked to Weather Manipulation), Magic Manipulation 12D (Compel Truth only; Linked to Magnetic Manipulation). All powers have the limitation Vulnerability: -1D to all skill rolls and lose all powers when bracelets are chained by a man.
Advantages: Attractive -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JL:Avengers) -6D, Contact (Paradise Island, JLX) -4D each, Courage -2D, Leadership Ability -2D.
Disadvantages: Enemy (Ares, Fury Queen, Psycho King) +3D each, Fanatic +3D, Phobia (Burial) +3D.
Stats: PDV: 7 (10 while flying & 21 with superspeed), Unarmed BDV: 7D with Brawling, 1D with Martial Arts, P/l bonus: +17, Hero Points: 30, Character Points: 250, Body Points: 180.
Equipment: Magic Bracelets (Armor Value 100, can be used as shields).

Dark Claw (Logan Wayne)
Attributes and skills: Reflexes 5D: Acrobatics 12D, Boating 7D (Clawracer +3D), Brawling 12D, Driving 9D (Clawmobile +3D), Dodge 12D, Martial Arts 13D (Arm Pin +3D, Blindfighting +4D, Lunge +4D, Spin Attack +3D, all others +2D), Melee Weapons 8D (Blades +4D), Piloting 7D (Clawplane +3D), Riding 9D, Sneak 13D; Coordination 5D: Catch 8D, Lockpicking 12D, Marksmanship 10D, Thievery 9D, Throwing 12D; Physique 5D: Leap 8D, Lift 7D, Resistance 12D; Knowledge 5D: Arcane Lore 7D, Computer Ops 6D, Criminology 15D, Demolitions 6D, Forgery 8D, Languages 8D (Japanese +3D), Medicine 7D (First Aid +1D), Navigation 8D, Research 9D, Scholar 8D (Japan +2D), Science 9D, Security 12D; Perception 5D (7D): Engineering 7D (9D)(Vehicles +2D), Hide 10D (12D), Invent 8D (10D), Know-How 8D (10D), Repair 7D (9D)(Vehicles +2D), Search 11D (13D), Shadowing 12D (14D), Streetwise 12D (14D)(New Gotham +2D), Surveillance 11D (13D), Survival 12D (14D), Tracking 12D (14D); Presence 4D: Animal Handling 12D, Bluff 8D, Charm 7D, Command 9D, Disguise 9D, Interrogation 14D, Intimidation 14D, Persuasion 7D, Willpower 14D
Powers: Empathy 7D (predatory animals only), Immunity 11D, Supersenses 12D (all except sight), Superattribute: Perception 2D, Healing 13D (self-only, Permanent, no CP cost).
Advantages: Acting Ability -3D, Attractive -2D, Contact (Mayor Gordon) -2D, Contact (Barbara Yashida) -4D, Contact (JL:A) -6D, Courage -2D, Hardiness -4D, Intimidating Grin -2D, Leadership Ability -2D, Obscure Knowledge -2D, Observant -2D, Owed Favors (dozens) -6D, Preparedness -4D, Sixth Sense -2D, Speed-Draw (Batarang) -2D, Wealth -10D.
Disadvantages: Dark Secret ("hidden" personality) +2D, Dependents (Sparrow, Barbara, Alfred) +1D each, Enemy (Hyena) +2D, Enemy (Rogues Gallery) +5D, Fanatic +3D, Hides Emotions +1D, Secret Identity +3D.
Stats: PDV: 6, Unarmed BDV: 6D with Brawling, 1D with Martial Arts, P/l bonus: +4, Hero Points: 30, Villain Points: 1, Character Points: 275, Body Points: 50.
Equipment: Adamantium Skeleton (Armor Value 50, Natural Weapon 5D; attempts to break Logan's bones must defeat the Armor Value), costume (Armor Value 18 against projectiles, 10 vs. all others), grapnel (+2 to climbing rolls, binds as heavy-duty rope), Clawrang (BDV 2D), gas capsules (-3 level darkness for smoke, or Extremely Difficult to stay conscious vs. KO gas), many, many other gadgets.

Iron Lantern (Hal Stark)
Attributes and skills: Reflexes 4D: Brawling 7D, Dodge 7D, Driving 6D (Armor Skates +2D, Truck +2D), Martial Arts 7D (Clothesline +2D, Uppercut +2D), Melee Weapons 7D, Piloting 11D (Armor +4D), Sneak 5D; Coordination 4D: Marksmanship 10D (Armor Systems +5D), Thievery 8D, Thrown Weapons 7D; Physique 3D (15D): Swimming 4D; Knowledge 5D: Computer Ops 12D, Criminology 7D, Forgery 6D, Languages 7D, Medicine 8D (Bionics +6D), Navigation 10D (Armor Systems +2D), Research 10D, Scholar 7D (Armoury +7D, Finance +5D, Oan Lore +5D), Science 12D (Armoury +3D), Security 12D (JL:A systems +2D, Stark Aircraft systems +3D); Perception 4D: Artist (Technical Design) 9D, Engineering 13D (Armor +2D), Hide 6D, Invent 12D (Armor +3D), Know-How 9D (Armor Systems +6D), Repair 13D (Armor +2D), Search 7D, Shadowing 6D, Surveillance 7D, Tracking 6D; Presence 3D: Bluff 7D, Charm 8D, Command 7D, Intimidation 7D, Persuasion 7D (Business +3D), Willpower 15D
Advantages: Acute Sense of Direction -2D, Attractive -2D, Contact (JL:A and S.H.I.E.L.D.) -6D each, Courage x2 -4D, Mechanical Aptitude -2D, Technologically Advanced -10D, Wealth -10D.
Disadvantages: Dependent ("Pepper" Ferris, Happy Kalmaku, Kari Fujikawa) +1D each, Enemy (Mandestro) +3D, Enemy (Weaponers of AIM, Rogues Gallery) +6D each, Secret Identity +3D.
Equipment: IRON LANTERN Armor: Armor Value 30, Immunity 15D, Sonar Sense 13D, Superattribute: Physique 12D, Infravision 14D, Supersenses 13D, Sustenance 13D, Language Comprehension 15D, Telekinesis 30D, Density Manipulation 15D (self only, decrease only, non-selective), Energy Manipulation 15D (Skill-Linked--Willpower, Mastery x 2), Reality Manipulation 8D (Skill-Linked--Willpower, Increased Aspect, Power Duplication only). The armor has a vast array of "normal" equipment along with the powers granted it by the Power Battery, including broadband communications, internal defenses, and a neural-network CPU.
Stats: In the armor: PDV: 4 (8 while flying), Unarmed BDV: 4D when Brawling, 1D with Martial Arts, P/l bonus: +7 (+22 with Telekinesis), Hero Points: 25, Villain Points: 0, Character Points: 200, Body Points: 30, Armor's Body Points: 150.

Flash (William Allen)
Attributes and skills: Reflexes 3D: Brawling 5D, Dodge 6D, Melee Weapons 4D, Piloting (Self) 9D; Coordination 3D: Catch 7D (Projectiles +3D), Throwing 7D; Physique 3D (18D): Flying 7D (22D), Leap 5D (20D), Lifting 5D (20D), Resistance 5D (20D), Running 9D (24D), Swimming 4D (19D); Knowledge 5D: Computer Ops 7D, Criminology 9D, Forgery (detection) 8D, Medicine 7D (First Aid +1D), Navigation 6D, Research 12D, Scholar 9D (Dimensions +3D, Golden Age heroes +3D, Hypertime +3D), Science 12D (Physics +2D), Security 5D (JL:A Systems +5D); Perception 3D: Artist 6D (Acting +1D), Engineering 12D (Space/Time Machinery +3D), Invent 11D (Space/Time Machinery +3D), Know-How 9D (Space/Time Machinery +3D, Ionic Speed Powers +6D), Repair 7D (Space/Time Machinery +7D), Streetwise 4D (Angel City +1D); Presence 2D: Bluff 4D, Charm 3D, Command 10D, Interrogation 6D, Persuasion 5D, Willpower 8D (regarding Iris +4D).
Powers (Note: All "linked" powers are linked to Speed Manipulation): Immunity 9D, Longevity 15D (Linked), Superattribute: Physique 15D, Sustenance 15D (Linked), Dimension Travel 10D (Mastery, Linked), Flying 15D (Linked), Healing 5D (self-only, Linked), Invulnerability 9D, Energy Manipulation 15D (Mastery, Limited Ability--energy must be ionized), Speed Manipulation 20D (Mastery x 2), Temporal Manipulation 30D (Linked).
Advantages: Acting Ability -2D, Attractive -2D, Contact (JL:A) -6D, Leadership Ability -2D, Mechanical Aptitude -2D, Photographic Memory -4D, Wealth -6D.
Disadvantages: Enemy (Professor Zoom: the Grim Reaper, Abra Kang) +3D each, Enemy (Rogues Gallery) +4D, Procrastination +1D, Secret Identity +3D.
Stats: PDV: 3 (23 when using Speed Manipulation), Unarmed BDV: 3D (+40 with Speed Manipulation), P/l Bonus: +3 (+10), Hero Points: 25, Villain Points: 0, Character Points: 225, Body Points: 90.
Equipment: Cosmic Wristbands: Armor Value 10, Enhancement: +5 to all Dimension Travel and Temporal Manipulation rolls.

The Scarlet Witch (Iris [Zatara Russell Magnus Frank West] Maximoff-Allen)
Attributes and skills: Reflexes 3D: Dodge 4D, Martial Arts 4D, Riding 4D; Coordination 3D: Marksmanship (Magic, Reality) 10D; Physique 2D: Resistance 3D, Swimming 3D; Knowledge 3D: Arcane Lore 12D, Computer Ops 5D, Languages 12D, Medicine 4D (First Aid +1D), Navigation 4D, Research 8D, Scholar 8D (History +2D, Reporting +1D); Perception 4D: Artist 6D (reporting +1D), Know-How 5D (Domestic +1D, Magic Manipulation +7D, Reality Manipulation +4D), Survival 5D; Presence 5D: Bluff 6D, Charm 8D, Command 7D, Persuasion 8D, Willpower 10D (regarding William +2D).
Powers: Magic Manipulation 10D (requires incantations), Reality Manipulation 13D (requires gestures, Short Circuit, probability alteration only).
Advantages: Attractive -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JL:A, homo magi pocket dimension, Magneto, Phantom Immortus, 30th Century Time Authority) -6D each, Wealth -6D.
Disadvantages: Enemy (Lord Kang, Prof. Zoom) +3D each, Secret Identity +3D, Targeted for Capture +1D.
Stats: PDV: 2, Unarmed BDV: 1D, P/l Bonus: +1, Hero Points: 15, Villain Points: 0, Character Points: 150, Body Points: 20.
Equipment: Ward Talisman (PDV +8, Forcefield 8D, Sustenance 5D).

Atom Man (Dr. Henry "Hank" Palmer)

Black Wasp (Janet Lance)

Thorion (Jake Orion)

Steel Falcon (Samuel Irons)

Current Reserves:

Zauriel, Angel of Justice (Vance Zaurovik)

Angelfire (Angelica Danvers)

Hawkeye (Oliver Barton)

Marvelstorm (Carol Raymond)

 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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