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Secret Masters of Villainy...

The whole thing was a scam.

Uatu's Final Onslaught framed Iron Lantern and Dr. Strangefate--two of Earth's most powerful champions--for horrible atrocities (particularly poor Hal during the much-reviled Emerald Crossing) and then assaulted time and space itself during the Zero Heroes storyline, though Uatu himself was discovered to be a pawn of the Extant Celestial. This didn't save the heroes from being erased from existence at the beginning of Zero Heroes.

Then, with only the various X-heroes and outsiders defending the main Amalgam universe, a world cried out for heroes. And it thought it got them.

The Thunder Squad appeared seemingly overnight, bringing the rising tide of villainy to heel and a cheering, relieved public into their hands.

General Zemo (Baron Druzod Zemo)

Fury Queen (Selene Aresia)

Hyena (Jack Creed)

Dr. Titanium (Arthur Bullski)

Professor Zoom: the Grim Reaper (Eric Thawne)

Lord Kang, Conqueror of Time (Kang)

Lo'k D'Saad

Promethean Death

Queen Bee (Zazzalaket)

The Living Mirror (Sam Parks)

Other Master Villains:

The Green Skull (Johann [Lex] Luthor)

Psycho King (Anton Farouk)


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