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Defender of the Seven Seas

The Paladin of Lemuria is often mocked as a fish out of water...but rarely more than once, for this demigod of the depths is also a powerful, intelligent and capable hero on land.

Name: Amphibian Edge: 3 * Hand Size: 5 (30)
Strength: 18D Intellect: 7A
Agility: 10B Willpower: 10B
Calling: Guardian (world's oceans) Hindrances: Susceptible to dehydration




Character history:
Kingsley Rice always loved the sea. Raised by famed oceanographers Walter and Diane Newell, Lee (as his few friends knew him) almost spent more time underwater than on the surface. On his 16th birthday, his parents allowed him to come on one of their expeditions, revealing they were also aquatic archaeologists. The import of this only became apparent to young Lee when they were detained by Lemurian submarines! It turned out that his adopted father was the Golden Age hero Stingray, and Diane -- who is his true mother -- was a Lemurian! The Lemurians were a race of seafaring people designed by the Leader to serve as cannon fodder for the Deviants, but survived them when the Deviant civilization was destroyed. However, General Kro had returned, conquering the Lemurians and putting them to work in their old role as slaves to Deviant ambition.

Coming to Lemuria, however, awakened Kingsley's dormant potential, and he became a powerhouse! The young hero plowed through Kro's mercenaries, but met his match in the supreme Deviant. However, at the last moment, Lee discovered another power -- mastery over all the sea's creatures! Kro had enslaved the mighty Giganto, which proved his downfall when the teen freed the creature from the deadly general's control. Between the two of them, they drove Kro off, saving each other and Lemuria.

His parents worried about their young 'amphibian,' but were immensely proud of him. Lemuria hailed him as their hero and champion, and Lee spent much of his time there for many years. He even spent long periods as Lemuria's prime minister, though he decided he could do more good as a member of the Squadron, which has become his true family. Still, he patrols the oceans from his Lemurian Warcraft as the nation's official general-champion, assigned the finest warriors the undersea nation has to offer. Amphibian has become involved with a newer Lemurian heroine, Marrina, over recent years. To this day, however, he does not know who his father is. His last name is his only clue.

Almost everyone tends to underestimate Amphibian, unless they're fighting him underwater. Few villains are stupid enough to want to face the Paladin of Lemuria in his element. Still, even on the surface, Rice is a powerful hero and opponent. As the third-strongest hero in the world, able to leap medium-sized buildings in a single bound and laugh as bullets bounce off his hyper-dense form, even on dry land Amphibian is formidable. Nevertheless, he always has an eye on opportunities to change the terrain on a foe. Anything from a river to a fountain becomes a weapon he can force almost any opponent into, sapping the breath from enemies who dismiss him.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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