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The Bowman Supreme

Often derided as "Nighthawk lite," the Golden Archer is every bit his own hero. Armed with his unique arsenal and archery skills unseen since the time of Robin Hood, GA is a classic swashbuckler for a modern era.

Name: Golden Archer Edge: 3 * Hand Size: 5 (30)
Strength: 7D Intellect: 7B
Agility: 9A Willpower: 6C
Calling: Exemplar (liberalism; was Adventurer) Hindrances: None (previously Overconfident)



Character history:
Wyatt MacDonald was a bored rich man with phenomenal athletic talents and little to do. He won the archery Gold Medal at the Olympics because he could. He played the distantly charming aristocrat because he didn't know any better. Deep down, however, he knew he contributed nothing to the world, and felt empty for it. Then one day, he was kidnapped by the Huckster for an outrageous ransom. The mad villain didn't plan to give the multi-millionaire back, though; he intended to turn the fantastic archer into a weapon against his arch-nemesis, the Darkwinged Detective himself!

When Nighthawk rescued MacDonald and defeated the Huckster, it opened Wyatt's eyes. Someone like Nighthawk obviously had money, training, talent...and one thing Wyatt had lacked until that moment. Dedication.

While the Huckster's absurdly comic arsenal was intended to be ridiculous, the Olympic champion saw how it could be modified to create serious weapons. Only the Punching Bag arrows would remain the same -- he's simply never been able to alter them without reducing their effectiveness.

During one plot against MacDonald that left him penniless and on the run, he saw how the other half lives -- and was appalled. Poverty, injustice, corruption...it opened his eyes as nothing had since Nighthawk rescued him those many years before. Since then, the Golden Archer has fought for the rights of his fellow citizens as much as for the safety of the world. His fortune restored, Wyatt has since become a major player in left-wing politics.

For all that he has become a much more serious person, and is an activist in both identities, the Golden Archer is still a swashbuckling and flamboyant hero. He dives into super-battle with an Errol Flynn style that his more staid allies sometimes envy, launching volleys of arrows with laughing abandon. Still, GA has learned his limitations over the years, and when working with the team, strikes from a distance and lets the heavy hitters get up close and personal. With an arrow for every occasion, he can provide support against adversaries as varied as Brainchild and General Kro.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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