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The Maiden of Adamantium

Hyperion has a 'younger' relative.

Though born before Hyperion, Azura was in her early teens when the Deviant War broke out, and was saved by being placed in suspended animation by the ingenious improvisation of using a Brain Mine. Awakened years after Hyperion began his adventures, Azura handles the difficult tasks of facing a strange new world, battling bizarre enemies, and deferring to a man she first knew as an infant, with poise and grace.

Name: Azura Edge: 3 * Hand Size: 5 (30)
Strength: 23C Intellect: 9A
Agility: 16C Willpower: 9C
Calling: Exemplar Hindrances: Naive, Vulnerability (Argonite)

(Note: On OE II there are four varieties of Argonite. See Hyperion's sheet for details.)




Character history:
Azura is the only Eternal, aside from Hyperion himself, to have survived the final Eternal/Deviant war.

Wyatt Wingfoot: ST:6C AG:6D IN:5C WI:7B Skills: Spears, Wrestling; Driving, Martial Arts; Espionage, Occult, Research; Observation, Trance

Azura isn't as hardened a combatant as her distant relation, not having faced the world's deadliest villains routinely. However, her power and closeness to the Man of Adamantium have made her a target, she has formidable enemies of her own, and she lived through one of the worst horrors in Earth's history. In short, she knows how to defend herself.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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