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Cyberelemental of the skies

Not every godlike member of the Squadron is also a legend. The cyborg known as the Crimson Dynamo is every bit as much a hero as the other Squadron members, but is far less known to the public. Still, when the Squadron needs to bolster its ranks, the Dynamo is one of the first heroes they call on.

Brock Jones.

Name: Crimson Dynamo Edge: 2 * Hand Size: 4 (25)
Strength: 12B Intellect: 8C
Agility: 9B Willpower: 7C
Calling: Outcast Hindrances: Susceptible to Magnetism



Character history:
Brock Jones was a gifted student at New Troy University, heir to a medium size fortune, and an impressive athlete. The only thing that kept him from being accepted immediately into the school's elite was his skin color; that didn't matter much to most, but it mattered a lot to the yuppie fraternity that all but ran NTU's social schedule. And they didn't like some 'troublemaker' disrupting their little fiefdom.

Brock's specialty was bionics; while in the university lab, dreaming of making crippling injuries something found only in history books, when a loud scuffle drew him out of the classroom.

For all that Brock doesn't spend much time in the superhero game, he can be a devastating opponent.

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