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Other-Earth's Greatest Hero

What if Hyperion had never fallen from grace?.

This is the Silver-Age, godlike Hyperion of legend, the Man of Adamantium, the Last Eternal, the Hero of the Future, the Cosmopolis Champion, retconned out of existence by the Distinguished Competition. He is resurrected herein for your perusal. Note: Any resemblance between this Hyperion's character history and the history of Other-Earth I's Hyperion, except for names and origin, is purely coincidental. 8^)

Name: Hyperion Edge: 4 * Hand Size: 6 (40)
Strength: 25A Intellect: 12A
Agility: 15C Willpower: 12C
Calling: Idealist Hindrances: Overprotective, Vulnerability (Argonite)

(Note: On OE II there are four varieties of Argonite. Emerald Argonite is crippling to Hyperion, and halves his powers in its presence, as well as reducing his physical abilities by five each. He also loses one card per turn in the presence of Argonite-E. This is like the Fatal Vulnerability Hindrance, but Hype-II has lost all his cards in the presence of Argonite and survived. It is fairly certain that prolonged exposure would kill him, though exactly how long is uncertain.

Sapphire Argonite has the bizarre effect of producing the Transformative Hindrance -- randomly! This transformation can be physical, mental, or just about anything a sadistic Narrator can envision. In a pinch, draw from the Fate Deck and apply the effects of Argonite-S from the Event or Calling. It lasts for a Aura duration after the Argonite-S is removed from firing distance.

Ruby Argonite is less capricious than Argonite-E or S, but no less dangerous. Hype-II has the Triggered-Powerless Hindrance in its presence! He is reduced to 8 Strength and Agility, and has 0 Intensity in all powers while within firing distance of Argonite-R.

Finally, Diamond Argonite doesn't harm him through its radiation, but it is capable of penetrating his otherwise invulnerable body! Hyperion-II is Susceptible to Argonite-D. Ironically, Argonite-D is indestructible itself, and shields Hype from other forms of Argonite. He therefore keeps an Argonite-D suit of armor in his Eternal Citadel. However, he only uses this suit in emergencies, since he can be literally beaten to death while within it!)




Character history:
Hyperion-II is one of the few survivors of the final Eternal/Deviant war. Sent to Earth as an infant, he was raised as 'Mark Milton' by good and noble parents and taught to love liberty and justice. He has since become OE-II's greatest hero, fighting a battle against evil that never seems to end. Beginning his career as 'Kid Hyperion,' he aided those in need with noble naivete, aided by childhood friends Emil Burbank and Greer Grant, until Emil's mind was twisted by a device meant to cure Hyperion's vulnerablity to Argonite. Shattered by this cruel twist of fate, Mark put childhood behind him and moved to Cosmopolis, the better to protect the world and monitor the activities of his friend-turned-rival, Master Menace.

For many years, he was a reporter for the Cosmopolis Times, travelling the world and fighting dozens of enemies, from the diabolic genius of Master Menace (Emil Burbank's new identity) and the Leader, the Deviant supercomputer robot, to the vicious hunger of Lamprey, the human leech and the depraved villainy of General Kro, the Deviant overlord condemned to an eternity in the Negative Zone. During those years, he grew close to Lonni Lake, the Cosmopolis Times' star reporter. Lonni, while very competent and capable of handling human threats from thugs to tyrants, was no match for many of Hyperion's more powerful enemies, and was known to associate with the Last Eternal -- not the most healthy position. But eventually, Hyperion managed to extricate her from being known as 'Hyperion's Lady' and Lonni was freed from her position as Hyperion-bait.

Then, while both he and Lonni were prisoners of the Leader, Mark proposed. After she accepted and they escaped, he revealed his secret identity. This almost caused the proposal to die aborning, but Mark persevered, and the two are now happily married. Mark has since left the Times, and is writing an extrememly popular science fiction series of novels, Tales of the Shi'ar Empire.

Most recently, his archnemesis Master Menace has recovered and reformed. Now Hyperion and Emil are friends and allies again, and Professor Burbank works for Thumb Industries as their top scientific genius. But a new, mysterious Master Menace has risen from the ashes of the old...

Lonni Lake: ST:4C AG:6D IN:7C WI:8B Skills: Clubs, Wrestling; Driving, Martial Arts; Journalism, Research; Manipulation, Observation, Writing

Hyperion is truly amazing in combat. Virtually unstoppable, able to defeat the likes of Hercules and Set, about the only reason most of Hyperion's enemies aren't terrified of him is that he always takes great care to use only the power necessary to defeat a foe. His ability to assess situations and opponents borders on the supernatural. He usually starts by grappling an opponent, examining their strengths and weaknesses up close. (Obviously, power-draining enemies like Lamprey are exceptions to this rule.) Once he has an idea of what his opponent is capable of, he calmly and carefully takes them apart, doing his considerable best to ensure that minimal damage is done to the surroundings. In fact, Argonite notwithstanding, Hyperion's greatest weakness in battle is his concern for sentient life. Many a villain has escaped Hyperion (temporarily) by placing innocents in danger. In short, imagine Captain America...with the power of a god.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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