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Power Princess

Other-Earth's Greatest Heroine

Power Princess has brought a piece of Utopia to Other-Earth at last.

This is the Silver-Age Power Princess, with the strength, grace, and beauty of a goddess. Much coveted by men, greatly emulated by women, admired by friend and foe alike, Power Princess is the bearer of the olive branch in a culture centered around battle.

Name: Power Princess Edge: 4 * Hand Size: 6 (40)
Strength: 22A Intellect: 9A
Agility: 18A Willpower: 12C
Calling: Exemplar Hindrances: Triggered-Powerless (magnetized chains), Mortal Body

(Notes: Zarda not only loses all her powers when bound by any magnetized metal, but her Strength drops to 4 and her Agility is reduced to 6. She is also, incidentally, immobilized to whatever extent the magnetic bonds restrict her. 'Mortal Body' is a new Hindrance that requires a Strength of 11+ and no innate defense against kinetic attacks. All 'lethal' attacks [swords, bullets, lasers, etc.] are defended against by half Strength, rounded down, maximum 10. Artificial armor and shields are allowable, and they add to full strength. This Hindrance can apply to characters with superhuman strength but mortal bodies, like Spider-Man.)




Character history:
Zarda has had a long, difficult road as a superheroine; falling in love with a mortal, watching her people take to the stars, being the target of countless obsessives, all the while trying to bring the ideals of Utopia to a violent and often reactionary humanity. Yet she has borne her burdens with grace and dignity, and ultimately, she has succeeded. It is possible that she has had a greater impact on society at large than any other hero, even Hyperion.

When sailor Howard Shelton was shipwrecked on Utopia Isle, Zarda became fascinated with the mortal world. She asked permission to travel there to spread the ideals of Utopia; she was then tested strenuously to ensure that she could handle the rigors of the world's violence. When she passed, she was armed with her equipment and sent to Washington D.C. (This is one of the few major cities on OE II with the same name as its Earthly counterpart.) She returned with Howard to join the NSC, using 'Shelley Zarda' as her identity. As Shelley, she fought criminals and terrorists; as Power Princess, she has taught the ways of Utopia and opposed those who would benefit from war and oppression. Howard proved a valuable ally and a headstrong liability at equal intervals. Due to the nature of her Hindrances, she has been captured more than any other two heroes combined; Brainchild and Blacklash seen to take special delight in having Power Princess at their mercy, and Set means to use her to take the power of his 'larger self,' as he puts it. None have held her for long. Now, with the two of them married, Zarda has settled in to her role as teacher of the ways of Utopia. Her enemies have redoubled their efforts to destroy her, but her friends have rallied around her. Though Hyperion is the most popular member of the Squadron among the populace, no one is more beloved by the Squadron itself than Zarda.

Howard Shelton: ST:5D AG:6C IN:7C WI:7C Skills: Brawling; Boating, Marksmanship; Espionage, Oceanography; Law Enforcement, Military

Zarda fights with eerie calm and self-control. Given to non-violent solutions and the minimum force necessary, she tries to use her violet Power Bands and compulsion powers to subdue opponents; when faced with violent enemies who are either numerous or strong willed, she will resort to physical force, though she tries subdual first. Power Princess is a firm believer of karmic fairness, however -- using her shield to turn weapons back on their attackers appeals to her sense of justice. When worst comes to worst, though, she can (and will) feed the shield to powerful, unrepentant opponents.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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