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What's a superhero universe without supervillains?

It's easy to get the impression that Other-Earth II is a paradise, that the Squadron Supreme has managed to take the Utopia that birthed Power Princess and bring it to the world.

Don't you believe it.

The villains are still out there, as menacing and devious as ever. True, there have been a few changes. Some mainstays of the supercriminal community have reformed, most notably Master Menace, the Mink and Foxfire. But the majority of villainy remains, and worse, has organized. Legions of goons and thugs remain gainfully employed, and worse, the archriavls of the Squadron Supreme have organized into the deadliest gallery of renegades ever assembled...the Squadron Sinister!

Of course, there's plenty of roleplaying opportunity from the villains here as well. The Marvel Game Book has plenty of suggestions for running a villain game, but 'villain' is a convient label that isn't always accurate...many superpowered characters walk a fine line, even on Other-Earth II, and some of the greatest menaces of all can be shown the light. Even a Master Menace.

Also, if some terrible fate were to befall the Squadron (like, say, being trapped in an alternate dimension, but we all know that such a thing would never happen 8^) a bunch of criminals might pretend to be heroes to lull an unsuspecting world into a false sense of security...

THE VILLAINS: (Note: These lists are under development.)




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