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The Fastest Hero Alive

Some things never change. The Whizzer is one of them.

Stanley Stewart, the Whizzer, is OE II's fastest being. While he has made many contributions to Other-Earth science, Stanley's life remains much the same -- bust some Renegades, keep Kang the Anti-Whizzer in check, and live happily ever after with his wife and children.

Name: The Whizzer Edge: 3 * Hand Size: 5 (30)
Strength: 6D Intellect: 10A
Agility: 7B Willpower: 9C
Calling: Investigator Hindrances: None




Character history:
Stanley Stewart is a brilliant physicist who was caught in a 'quantum vibration explosion' when an experimental 'quantum cyclotron' erupted. He contained the blast, buying time for his coworkers to escape.

Obviously, Stanley didn't die; though he's dubious about the science behind his powers, that he has them is undeniable. A fanboy from way back, he took the name of a Golden Age hero of his, the Whizzer of Timely Comics. He has since become one of Other-Earth's greatest heroes; while much of his time is spent keeping the Mechanopolis Renegades in check, he's found time to help found the Squadron (it was his idea), free the 40th Century from Other-Earth's Kang, discover the multiverse, meet the Golden Age Whizzer from an alternate Marvel-Earth, pick up as many nicknames as Hyperion (the Sapphire Speedster, the Cobalt Comet, and the ever-popular Living Lightningbolt) and stop the alternate Nth Man from destroying countless worlds. In his secret identity, his physics work is hailed as the greatest since Einstein; he is in the process of uniting Classical and Quantum Physics in the holy grail of physical science, the Unified Field Theory. Oh, and he also finds plenty of time for Maddy, Tina and Joseph, his wife and two children. (The latter is named for Dr. Spectrum.) Superspeed comes in very handy in Stan's hectic life.

The Whizzer is an amazing tactician, using his apparently 'one trick' power and turning it into a nearly unstoppable force. Stanley is the master of the power stunt, coming up with a new trick every time he's believed to have been out-thought or outmaneuvered. However, he usually starts with what works; he speeds in and tries to take out the bad guys before they can react. While this is often successful, equally often a villain is ready for him. The Whizzer invariably comes up with a clever way to counter the attack, either escaping some bizarre deathtrap or defeating the miscreant outright.

The Whizzer is also the most common leader of the rotating-chair Squadron; while Nighthawk is a better strategist, the Whizzer combines superfast thought with an almost innate sense of teamwork.

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 ===    /  "Everybody's got something inside them, some kind
  O   (/)  of power that makes them unique. I knew what mine
 ===  /    was. I knew it all along." -Barry Allen

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