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7th Sea related sites I've found

Several were originaly found on (now defunct) web rings: The Unofficial '7th Sea' RPG Webring, The 7th Sea Webring, and the now-defunct WebRing of the 7th Sea. Due to links expiring and changing, I've just put them all into one list.

  1. AEG let expire and it's now a spam site, but the content was moved to the AEG site.
  2. 7th Sea!: House rules, etc., good scans of the maps, not sure of last update
  3. 7th Sea CCG Trading: "designed to help collectors and players of the 7th Sea Collectable Card Game complete their card set by trading with their peers"
  4. The Brilliant Victory: News and Resources for the Seventh Sea: Your source for News, Rumours, and other Information for Theah and the Seventh Sea.
  5. 7thSea Style Dice Results: used Roll program but only goes to 9k4 (I have this program, and I can understand why he doesn't have k5's, it takes a LOT of memory!)
  6. The Abyss: Looks like some good stuff, including links, and "The 7th Sea RPG Code." Let's see, mine would be
    7thSea(R1.1) PC+++ RP+ GT:A,I,P,C/S,Co,Ex,Es P AV++ LV(sort of) S+ G+ C++ CG---
  7. Adventures for 7th Sea: Three fan-written scenarios
  8. Aldana Steel: LOTS of stuff, including merged and annotated timelines from Waves of Blood and The Montaigne Revolution.
  9. Borstenn's 7th Sea Site: Formerly "Borstennskoldmund's 7th Sea Site," looks to have lots of info. Last updated Oct. 2003
  10. Brian & Brian's 7th Sea Campaign: characters and house rules
  11. La (nouvelle) Cite du Crieux: (French) The link on the web ring doesn't work, I found this URL by a search.
  12. Crystal Keep: Commercial, but many good free resources (odds charts, etc.)
  13. Dragaera: Another alternate setting for 7th Sea (was
  14. Ghosts of the 7th Sea: Much of it's in French, but it looks like a fair amount of content (was
  15. Ian's Eclectic Website: RingMaster's for the "Unofficial '7th Sea' RPG Webring." Info on other games as well.
  16. MisterBaldy's World: (formerly MisterBaldy's Bazaar) 7th Sea R&K character and ship record sheets in Word 2000
  17. Revenant's 7th Sea Site: Most of the content was moved to the Official Swashbuckling Adventures Site. The Revenant's 7th Sea Forums moved here.
  18. The Seas of Theah: CCG
  19. Tim's 7th sea: some useful content, not recently updated
  20. Which 7th Sea nation are you from? (I got Castillian, not much of a surprise I guess *g*.)

Other sites

  1. Interview with John Wick on RPG Net, May 11, 1999
  2. THEAH 2000
  3. Studio G, 7th Sea comics (was, and before that)

Lost at Sea (information on new home ports welcome!)

  1. The 7th Sea / Swashbuckling Adventures Compendium!: Wonderful site, lots of good stuff; if this site isn't official, it should be! (was
  2. The Wanderers: A Game of the 7th Sea: Chronicles and house rules (was
  3. Several Years After...: "A new game in the world of Theah, taking place several years after the previous game" (was
  4. Lost Raven's 7th Sea Site (was
  5. The Land of Castille (was
  6. Forbidden Cove (was CCG
  7. Library of San Teodoro (was
  8. 7th Sea Gaming Notebook (was house rules etc.
  9. "Societe des Explorateurs" (Explorer's Society): formerly
  10. Les Heros du Soleil: Chronicles and house rules (was
  11. 7th Sea World: For the CCG, included online card sets (was, then, closed Oct. 2003?)
  12. Dialog Publishing's 7th Sea Web Resource: House rules, etc. (was
  13. The Jack Raven: Last updated 3/01 (was
  14. Seventh Site: fair amount of content (was
  15. Vestibule of Theah: fair amount of content but no longer maintained since 2 February 2001 (was
  16. 7th Sea and the World of Theah: Has 7th Ring of Theah code but not on ring, last update 7/00, little useable content (was
  17. Captain Cooks's 7th Sea Site (in German): no longer 7th Sea related (was
  18. Imago Mundi: In Spanish, last update 12/01 (was
  19. Das Piratennest der Crimson Rogers: In German, seems to be mainly CCG (was
  20. Times of the Charbourg Marines (was
  21. Wicked Ink's 7th Sea Page: Chronicles (was
  22. 7th Sea Rhost: A MUSH using both R&K and d20 versions (was
  23. Fiddler's Green 7th Sea Resources, includes 7th Sea Heraldry: devices for the Noble families of Theah (was
  24. Temple of the Rose & Cross: Lots of stuff, including maps and a distance chart, and a master index in PDF (was
  25. 7th Sea Common Touch Decks (was
  26. Uncommon Valor, "A Chronicle of Theah": lots of stories of their characters and other content (was
  27. Avalon Forever: CCG (was
  28. Les Secrets de la 7ème Mer: In French, looks to have some content, (was
  29. Jon's 7th Sea Ideas: lots of rules, last updated March 2004 (was
  30. The secrets of Charousse (was
  31. 7th Sea CCG database: Last updated 6/01 but looks like a very useful tool for CCG players (was was

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