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[Traits] [Character Information]
Brawn 1
Finesse 2
Wits 3
Resolve 4
Panache 2
Name: Dragina Vorota
Player: Xander Opal
Nationality: Ussuran
Profession: Farmer
Experience: None (yet :-)


Loyal (Legion upright)


- Languges: Avalon, Eisen (ACQ), Ussuran
- Toughness


None (yet ;-)

[Civil Skills]

Sorcery: Pyeryem

Drachen 3
Goshawk 1
Man 1
Owl 1
Speak 1

Skill: Hunter

Skinning 1
Stealth 2
Survival 1
Tracking 1


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[Traits] [Defence Knacks] [Wounds]
Brawn 1
Finesse 2
Wits 3
Resolve 4
Panache 2
Name Passive Active
Footwork 3 20 6k3
Other Athlete Knacks 1 10 4k3

[Martial Skills]

Skill: Athlete

Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1

Skill: Dirty Fighting

Attack 3

Skill: Archery

Attack 3
Fletcher 1


Type To Hit DR Range Short/Long Mods Reload
Bow 5k2 2k2 150 yds -5 to hit -10 to hit 1 Action
Bare Hand 5k2 1k1 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Special Abilities/Advantages

None (yet)

Bio and Character Concepts:
(This is still a bit sketchy, and subject to revamping, but should cover the basics nicely.)

Dragina Vorota grew up in the in the douma of Somojez. Her adoptive parents found her as a toddler, when she wandered up to their house in the woods. Despite her green eyes, the decided that Matushka had sent them the child they'd been praying for and raised her as their own. As she grew, they didn't keep from her the fact that she'd been a foundling, but Dragina never gave the matter much thought.

She learned the Old Ways of honoring Matushka, along with the basics of Ussuran Orthodoxy. She learned the raising of cattle, and all the many practical skills a person needs to know to survive in Ussura's wilds. Her hunting skills, including use of the bow, helped the family keep food on the table,

As she grew, she also discovered other abilities. Dragina discovered that she could understand, and speak to, the wild creatures that lived in the woods. Then the owl and hawk taught her more..they taught her how to take on their form. [This part needs to be worked out in more detail.]

Nearing adulthood, Dragina went with her family to a market festival in Sousdal. The young woman was enchanted with the sights and sounds, and soon wandered away from her parents. Something about an old woman caught her eye, and she followed, sometimes losing sight of her, but only long enough to further peak her curiosity. The young woman disappeared into a cavern, and Dragina followed. The cavern led down, deep under the palace...

A possibility is that Matushka herself caused Dragina's parents to be killed, so that she would be raised away from the cities or whatever other influences were about. This gives the GM lots of interesting things to play with, a unique birthmark, perhaps, or something else marking her as the lost child of whatever family. Maybe one (or both) of her parents survived, mouring the child they'd assumed dead. One thing we didn't work out, if needed, is why no one made any fuss over the child having green eyes.

We leave the tale as Dragina finds the Drachen in his enchanted slumber, letting the GM take it from there :-).