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[Traits] [Character Information]
Brawn 2
Finesse 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Panache 2
Name: Marianna Albizzi
Player: Morgan
Nationality: Mantuan (Vestini province, Vodacce)
Profession: Explorer
Memberships: Explorer's Society
Experience: None (yet :-)




Keen Senses
Languages: Vodacce (R/W), Castillan (R/W), Montaigne, Thean (R/W)


None (yet ;-)

[Civil Skills]

Skill: Archeology

Occult 2
Research 3

Skill: Scholar 1

History 2
Mathematics 1
Philosophy 1
Research 3
Occult 2

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[Traits] [Defence Knacks] [Wounds]
Brawn 2
Finesse 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Panache 2
Name Passive Active
Parry (Knife) 3 20 6k3
Footwork 2 15 5k3
Climbing 1 10 4k3

[Martial Skills]

Skill: Athlete

Climbing 1
Footwork 2
Sprinting 2
Throwing 1

Skill: Dirty Fighting

Attack 3

Skill: Firearms

Attack 1

Skill: Knife

Attack 3
Parry 3
Throw 1


Type To Hit DR Range Short/Long Mods Reload
Knife 5k2 3k2 9 yds -0 to hit -5 to hit n/a
Pistol 3k2 4k3 30 yds -10 to hit -15 to hit 20 actions
Musket 3k2 5k3 80 yds -10 to hit -15 to hit 30 actions
Bare Hand 5k2 2k1 n/a

Special Abilities/Advantages

None (yet)

Bio and Character Concepts:
(subject to additions and/or modifications):

Marianna is a young Vodacce commoner. Her mother died while she was young, and her father, an Explorer, decided to finish raising her himself. She grew up around other Explorers, travelling with her father and becoming "everyone's little sister" on many expeditions. She learned quickly, including how to read and write in ancient Thean and how to defend herself in case there were no "big brothers" around.

Seekers of the Light: A compilation of Mariana's thread on the SL6 game;

Unknown to Marianna, an ancestor a couple of generations back had married a bastard child of a minor noble family. There had never been any sign of the noble blood "showing," but as Marianna grew up she started seeing "auras" and connections between people. Knowing the fate of an educated woman with Sorte, she keeps her abilities to herself, and avoids Vodacce strongholds whenever possible.

Sorcery: Sorte: Arcana 1, Cups 1, Swords 1