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[Traits] [Character Information]
Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Wits 2
Resolve 2
Panache 2
Name: Rosario Sanchez de Soldano
Player: Morgan
Nationality: Castillian
Profession: Swordswoman
Memberships: Los Vagos
Experience: 14




Languages: Castillian (R/W, Soldano accent), Vodacce
Membership: Los Vagos (includes Connection: El Corazon via Don Alejandro Vasquez de Soldano)
Swordsman's Guild


None (yet ;-)

[Civil Skills]

Skill: Courtier

Dancing 2
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 2
Lip Reading 1
Sincerity 1

Skill: Performer

Acting 1
Dancing 2
Oratory 2
Singing 1
Disguise 1

Skill: Scholar

History 1
Mathematics 1
Philosophy 1
Research 1

Skill: Spy

Shadowing 1
Stealth 2
Disguise 1
Lip Reading 1
Sincerity 1

Skill: Streetwise

Socializing 1
Street Navigation 1


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Soldano blade (see p. 102 of Castille, free with Los Vagos Advantage): 2k2, +2 to all rolls (attack, parry, Fencing knacks, etc.), +5 to TN to break
normal fencing weapon

[Traits] [Defence Knacks] [Wounds]
Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Wits 2
Resolve 2
Panache 2
Name Passive Active
Parry (Fencing) 3 20 4k2 +2
Parry (Imp. Weapon) 1 10 3k2
Double Parry (Fen./Fen.) 1 12 3k2 +2
Footwork 2 15 4k2
Other Athlete knacks 1 10 3k2

[Martial Skills]

Swordsman School: Soldano

Double Parry (Fen./Fen.) 1
Tagging (Fencing) 1
Whirl (Fencing/Fencing) 2
Exploit Weakness (Soldano) 1

Skill: Athlete

Climbing 1
Footwork 2
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1
Leaping 1
Swinging 1

Skill: Dirty Fighting

Attack 1
Attack (Improvised Weapon) 1
Parry (Improvised Weapon) 1

Skill: Fencing

Attack 3
Parry 3

Skill: Firearms

Attack 1

Skill: Rider

Ride 1


Type To Hit DR Range Short/ Long Mods. Reload
Soldano sword 6k3 +2 3k2 +2 Whirl adds +4 against Brutes
Fencing weapon 6k3 3k2 Whirl adds +4 against Brutes
Pistol 4k3 4k3 30 yds -10 to hit -15 to hit 20 actions
Musket 4k3 5k3 80 yds -10 to hit -15 to hit 30 actions
Bare Hand 3k3 2k1 n/a

Special Abilities/Advantages

None (yet)

Bio and Character Concepts:
(additions and/or modifications can be made once others join and the game gets going):

Rosario is a younger-middle daughter in a typically large, reasonably well off Castillian family in Rancho Soldano.

When she was a young woman, she saw a neighbor saved from the Inquisition by El Vago. Like many young ladies, she became enamoured of the grinning champion of Castille. Not just the man, but the idea. She heard stories of those who helped Vago in his fight for Castille, began spending more time with her fencing lessons, and started quietly asking questions and making comments that would hopefully bring her to the attention of the companions of El Vago without drawing the attention of the Inquisition.

Unknown to Rosario, her older brother Ricardo was already working with Los Vagos. He suppressed a knowing smile, indulged her interest in swordplay, and occasionally took her with him to visit Don Alejandro Vasquez de Soldano. Don Alejandro secretly leads a cabal of Los Vagos from his rancho outside Altamira.

While Ricardo was gone on a secret task, a message came for him from Don Alejandro. Rosario kept it, assuming it was something that should be kept secret. Eventually, when Ricardo failed to return, Rosario opened the message, which was a request for Ricardo to do some relatively simple "favor" for Alejandro. She decided to do the favor herself, and when Don Alejandro found out he realized that the young woman had become a "loose end" that was best dealt with by bringing her into the fold.

Rosario moved to Don Alejandro's rancho, and began more formal training. The Don had come to the realization that, while swordsmen were all well and good, they had certain limitations when guarding a lady that a swordswoman wouldn't share. Rosario's native talent is augmented by her brother's Soldano blade (left in her care since it would have been a liability on whatever mission he was on when he disappeared), though she'd much rather be able to return it to him.

After thinking that Catherine Zeta-Jones in Mask of Zorro would be a good basis for Rosario, I went looking for pics.

Logs from the SL6 game (I'm no longer active, but maintain these for those who may still be interested).