[Kestrel's 7th Sea]

Welcome to our version of Théah, the world of the 7th Sea roleplaying game by Alderac Entertainment Group.

We're not sure what all will end up on this site eventually, but for now we offer the following:

[button]Captain Doña Sir Kestrel of Avalon, a character sheet and other information for my primary 7th Sea character, including her ship, crew, and the Kestrel Glamour Knack.

[button]A Master Index for most of the supplements for 7th Sea. A few items from the core books are included in some categories, but they already have excellent indexes so I'm not inclined to reinvent the wheel.

[button]Théan Wizardry, a new shamanism school, with rules for both R&K and d20.

[button]Alternate personal titles in languages that are analogous to those used in 7th Sea.

[button]A list of links to all the 7th Sea sites I could find (last checked 2007-07-13).

[button]Pages for some characters in an on-line game that ran on Shadowland 6:
Rosario Sanchez de Soldano del Castillo
Marianna Albizzi
Dragina Vorota
Nickoli Sonnovavich