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Glamour Knack: Kestrel (Finesse)

The Golden Phantom. Mother Ocean's Champion. The Masked Knight of Avalon. Elaine's Falcon. The mysterious, romantic, enigmatic Captain Kestrel has captured Théans' imaginations since her dramatic appearance in 1668, doing derring-do and righting wrongs with a will. Though the Masked Knight has performed some extremely public swashbuckling, in particular fighting alongside both Lawrence Lugh and El Vago on the very streets of Carleon, she is best known for her ability to get into - and out of - any fort or harbor almost invisibly. Both Kestrel and the Ladyhawk have slipped into seemingly impregnable strongholds, ranging from the (almost non-violent) sacking of Buche, to the Liberation of San Juan, to the rescue of Cardinal D'Argeneau and the ten Archbishops of Montaigne right under L'Empereur's nose. As the Golden Phantom's legend has grown, so have the tales of her connection to her beloved ship, to the point where she is almost as one with it as Captain Rogers himself was with his.

Apprentice: On Invisible Wings

It is said that Elaine's Falcon can take off her mask and vanish like a ghost. As her Glamour increased, the tales developed some truth to them. While acting unobtrusive, the Kestrel Apprentice can "fold her wings" around herself and become virtually unnoticeable. Potential adversaries simply pay no attention to her. As long as the character is not calling attention to herself or trying to disguise herself as a particular person, all attempts to penetrate her Stealth or Disguise efforts are increased by a number of Raises equal to the sorcerer's dots in this Knack. (Ex.: The mage can pretend to be a nun of a particular order, but not Sister Mary Shakespeare, the English teacher.)

Adept: Cloak of Wit

Kestrel's leadership and cleverness allow her to sneak allies and even her entire ship through nearly any defense. The Kestrel Adept can extend the effect of the Apprentice Knack to a number of characters equal to twice her Wits, or if she is a senior officer on a ship, to that entire vessel.

Master: Vessel of Glamour

Perhaps the greatest of Kestrel's legends relates to her unique connection with the 7th Sea itself. Her vessel has survived three trips through that mighty sea, and it is said she achieved mastery during the third voyage. As a result, her Glamour connection with her ship -- partly a result of her many uses of the Adept power -- became nearly complete. A Kestrel Master can use most Glamour powers on her ship. Knacks that affect the sorcerer or another individual can usually be used on the vessel. Likewise, certain 'targets' for magic can be extended or expanded to cover the entire ship.

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