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Kestrel's Knighting

Notes: This was written for my character in the 7th Sea RPG. Comments in square brackets were added after roleplaying the ceremony. In our game, Bleddig had decided it was time to retire from The Twelve, and Kestrel was chosen as his successor.

For those of you in the S.C.A., and expecially those in Caid, yes, I modeled this heavily on Caid's knighthood ceremony. :-)

Explainations of the non-cannon names:

The night before the ceremony, Kestrel had a midnight-to-dawn vigil at the Marking Stones.

Sponsor: Sir Bleddig (wearing cloak)
Banner Carriers (the Ladyhawk standard): Carlo, Domingo and Ambrose
Sword (Kestrel's Soldano) Bearer: Sir Yseult
Carrying medallion: Sir Uwaine
Carrying ring: Captain (Sir) Berek

Let all Knights attend their Majesties.

(The Knights come forward and kneel, including the Knights who will escort the Candidate. Each Knight may be accompanied by one squire [Uwaine being accompanied by Grace] bearing their banner or shield, if they wish. At the appropriate time, the Queen takes the Graal in hand.)

(Other speech?) Sir Bleddig, please bring forward Kestrel.

(Bleddig leads the Knights of escort to the hall outside the throne room, where Kestrel is waiting with her accouterments. The Knights escort Kestrel before the Thrones in the following order:

Others in procession

Uwaine     Yseult

Lynn ("page")

Bleddig     Kestrel     Berek


King     Queen     King

The procession halts and all bow. The banner carriers move to the side so they're not in the way. The escorts kneel; Kestrel and Bleddig remain standing.)

My Liege, it is my privilege to present Kestrel, that she may take my place in our noble order.

Do you and your fellow Knights affirm her worthiness for this high Honour, Sir Bleddig, accepting her prowess in upholding justice and Chivalry?

I do, My Liege, as do my fellow Knights.

My Fellow Kings, is it Your judgement that Kestrel fulfills all the requirements of a true Knight?

It is, my Queen. Further, I have inquired of many citizens of the Kingdoms who know Kestrel, and find her to be greatly esteemed in matters of honor and courtly grace.

(The O'BANNON is a wisearse somewhere in here, no doubt.)

Kestrel, well pleased with your valor and honor in defense of Our Realm and your gentle good conduct at all times, and responsive to the wishes of your Peers, We are minded to create you a Knight. Will you accept from Us this Honour, and these badges of your ability and Knighthood, and will you swear Fealty to this, Our Crown and Throne, in all matters concerning this Realm?

I will, your Majesty.

Let the Candidate be invested with her cloak.

(Bleddig removes his cloak and places it on Kestrel, with the ceremonial assistance of Uwaine and Sir Lawrence. The Queen returns the Graal to it's pedestal. Bleddig returns to Kestrel's side, and the Sword Bearer retrieves the Sword.)

Be always mindful that a Knight guides, not only by her word, but also by the example she sets for others. Continue to live by the Code of Chivalry: fearlessness, modesty in action, noble generosity, mercy, iron temperance, and a true conviction to do justice.

Let the Candidate's Sword be brought forward.

(The Sword-Bearer presents the Sword to the Queen, who gives it to Sir Lawrence, who girds Kestrel with it.)

Remain ever worthy of this Sword, Kestrel, and remember that the Sword has two edges, Justice and Mercy.

(The Monarchs stand.)

With what Sword do you wish to be Knighted?

(Kestrel indicates Bleddig's. [The Queen can't help a smile at this.] The sword is presented to the Queen, hilt first. Kestrel kneels.)

By what name do you wish to be called henceforth?

(Kestrel answers. The Queen strikes Kestrel thrice with the flat of the blade, first on the right shoulder, then on the left shoulder, then on the crown of the head.)

Be thou a true Knight of the Glamour Isles, Sir Kestrel of Avalon.

(The Queen returns the Sword to its owner [Bleddig], then raises the New Knight. The Queen receives the signet ring from Berek, and places it on Kestrel's hand.)

Wear this ring in token of your Chivalry.

(When the New Knight has been presented with the ring, she kneels.)

My Lady Queen, I wish now to pledge you my oath.

(The Queen takes the Graal.)

Be warned. If your heart is true, you shall gain the strength of Avalon's greatest heroes. But if your heart is false, the waters shall poison you and you shall die. If you would continue, speak then your vow.

(The new knight places their hands around, or over and under, the Graal. Placing the hands around the Graal requires placing your hands around the Queen's, or allowing her hands around yours; the former means that you will place your body between hers and harm; the latter meaning that you place your life in her hands. Placing your hands above and below the Graal means that you devote yourself to Avalon above all, first and last. This is never considered an insult to the Queen, since she is the land and it the Queen, but signifies loyalty to the Realm as a whole.) [Kestrel chooses placing her hands over Elaine's; roleplay Elaine's reaction]

Before Her Majesty the Queen and all the Triple Kingdoms, I solemnly swear to:

Defend justice wherever I find myself, be it land, sea, or sky;
Uphold the laws of Avalon and protect her from her enemies;
Protect the innocent and those incapable of protecting themselves;
Exemplify the honor and nobility of the Glamour Isles in my thoughts, words, and deeds;
And defend her Majesty the Queen from all foes, foreign and domestic.

This I vow in the name of the High King, Her Majesty, and the Triple Kingdoms.

Drink now from the Graal, if you would join this noble order.

(Drinks from Graal) [The infusion of Glamour raises Kestrel from an apprentice Glamour mage to an adept, though she doesn't quite figure out that this is what happened until later.]

(The New Knight remains kneeling. The Graal is returned to it's place. The Queen receives the Chain of Knighthood from Uwaine and places it around Kestrel's neck.)

Take now the weight of this Chain, Symbol of the oath you have sworn.

(The New Knight raises her joined hands, and the Queen raises her up. Kestrel presses her forehead against the Queen's hands before she rises. Mac Duff presents Kestrel with a pale blue rose.)

Sir Kestrel, you are known to many as the Rose of Avalon. We pray you to accept this Rose as a token of the Chivalry and Courtesy We know you will maintain, as you have hitherto.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

(The O'BANNON does something odd. Again. KESTREL presumably thanks the O'BANNON-but maybe not.) [He gave her a flute which can "summon" him.]

Congratulations, Sir Kestrel. Greet now your fellow knights.

(The New Knight is greeted by the other Knights, while the Herald exhorts the cheers of the populace. More likely, they try, but get drowned out before they get three words out. As each greets her, they bow to the monarchs, and go to their places along the aisle.)

The Twelve are once more complete. Rejoice, and let happiness and Glamour flow like the sacred waters of Avalon!

(The Knights draw their swords, salute, make sword arch for procession to pass through.)