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Captain Kestrel's Crew - Sorcerers

Valeria de Gallegos: Hero

Brawn 1, Finesse 2, Wits 5, Resolve 3, Panache 2

Reputation: 23

Arcana: Creative

Advantages: Avalon (R/W), Castillian (R/W), Eisen (R/W), Montaigne, Théan (R/W), Vodacce (R/W), Linguist, Research Library, Small, Spark of Genius (Occult), University

Courtier: Dancing 1, Etiquette 2, Fashion 1, Memorizing 6, Oratory 3, Politics 1, Sincerity 3 (Fake Accent)

Sailor: Balance 1, Cartography 3, Climbing 1, Knotwork 2, Navigation 3, Rigging 1, Sea Lore 2, Swimming 1, Weather 1

Scholar: Astronomy 3, Calculus 1, History 5, Law 4, Mathematics 5, Natural Philosophy 5, Occult 6, Philosophy 5, Research 5, Theology 4

Servant: Accounting 2, Etiquette 2, Fashion 1, Menial Tasks 3, Unobtrusive 4, Valet 1

Wizardry: Air/Staves 1, Arcana 1, Earth/Coins 1, Fire/Swords 1, Scrying 1, Thomas 1, Water/Cups 1

Knife: Attack (Knife) 2, Parry (Knife) 2, Throw (Knife) 4

Valeria is indeed more than she appears -- far more. Her real name is (or was) Valeria Villanova, and she was once a Fate Witch. Smuggled out of Vodacce by Juliette's organization, her passage on the Ladyhawk was arranged by her saviors (Julius 1668). Valeria's passion for her new home is genuine, though gratitude for her deliverance also played a part in that.

The young Vodacce was untutored when she came aboard, but took to reading and learning as if born to them. Her value to the ship came over the course of months of obsessive studying and genuine life experience, but is now every bit the genius scholar legend attributes to her.

It bears noting that, in spite of the Explorers' best efforts (and a few attempts by the Daughters), Valeria's sole loyalty is to Kestrel and the Ladyhawk. Not that Valeria has told anyone about the Daughters' recruitment efforts; in spite of her near-complete transformation into a Castillian academic, she was born and raised a Villanova. Kestrel doesn't need to worry about Valeria's loyalty, so there really isn't any purpose in giving her reasons to worry.

Valeria's Sorte powers were destroyed during a Villanova ambush (Quintus 1669); the Strega on board the attacking vessels sensed a Clotho on board and attacked, ripping the sorcery (and very nearly the life) out of Valeria. Only luck (and Angelina's intervention) saved her, as far as she knows...but perhaps it was a grander fate. Valeria has never missed her powers, since she no longer reads as anything more than an ordinary woman on the strands, allowing her to read and study to her heart's content.

She is not an ordinary woman, however. Her unique background has given her unique insights, and her studies have taken her in directions few on Théah even understand. As a result, Valeria has begun to learn Wizardry, the Art of becoming one with Théus' creation. Her encounter with Matuschka has left her with a basic understanding of what she is, so she no longer fears her potential. When she realizes that potential, Valeria will be in a position to master more power than any Strega ever will...

Angelina Vespucci: Hero

Brawn 2, Finesse 3, Wits 4, Resolve 4, Panache 3

Reputation: 21

Advantages: Castillian (R/W), Vodacce, Sorte (Full)

Courtier: Dancing 1, Diplomacy 1, Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Gossip 1, Oratory 1, Politics 1, Scheming 2

Sailor: Balance 2, Climbing 2, Knotwork 4, Rigging 4, Sea Lore 3, Swimming 2, Weather 1

Servant: Accounting 2, Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Menial Tasks 3, Seneschal 1, Unobtrusive 5, Valet 3

Sorte: Arcana 4, Coins 4, Cups 5, Swords 5, Staves 4

Specialty: Steward 3

Ride: Mounting 1, Ride 1

Angelina has had many secrets in her life, but they are nearly all in the open now. Privately, she still fears the Tessatore -- she doesn't read Vodacce, but she can read Castillian, though she only ever uses this limited ability to work with Domingo in managing the ship's stores and finances. Angelina avoids books like the plague outside of this, but worries nevertheless that the old Atropos Strega will use the excuse to unleash their wrath on her. The Fate Witch was very reluctant to learn this, but Kestrel insisted that she would not let any member of her crew be held hostage to such tyranny, and her senior staff agreed.

She also dotes on Valeria, whom she still views as a little sister (even after Valeria's loss of Sorte), and does everything in her considerable power to keep her secrets as well. Also, with her power to see the threads, she can (and does) learn many things others would not want her to learn. Her private life with Carlo is as...interesting...as it is happy, but we leave such matters to the imagination of the reader. Finally, Matuschka's gift to the Fate Witch was (aside from a slight increase in longevity) to cleanse her powers of the Taint. Angelina is glad for this freedom -- she asked for it, after all -- but she wonders what the Tessatore will make of her now...

Nicole du Paix: Hero

Brawn 2, Finesse 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Panache 4

Reputation: 2

Background: Exiled 3

Advantages: Avalon (R/W), Castillian (R/W), Montaigne (R/W), Théan (R/W), Appearance (Above Average), Connections (several), Indomitable Will, Linguist, Porté (Full)

Courtier: Dancing 4, Diplomacy 4, Etiquette 4, Fashion 4, Gaming 4, Gossip 3, Lip Reading 3, Oratory 2, Politics 4, Scheming 3, Seduction 3, Sincerity 5

Porté (Master): Blooding 5, Bring 5, Catch 5, Pocket 5, Walk 5

Sailor: Balance 2, Climbing 2, Knotwork 1, Leaping 2, Pilot 1, Rigging 1, Swimming 3, Weather 2

Spy: Bribery 5, Conceal 3, Disguise 3, Forgery 2, Hand Signs 3, Lip Reading 3, Shadowing 2, Sincerity 5, Stealth 3

Knife: Attack (Knife) 2, Parry (Knife) 2, Throw (Knife) 1

Ride: Animal Training 4, Mounting 2, Ride 3

On a ship filled with secrets, Nicole du Paix may have the most epic. Her real name is Nicolette du Montaigne, and she is L'Empereur's seventh daughter. While she believes her powers come from an experiment designed to give Leon a son, in fact they are merely the result of a genetic quirk, just as two dark-haired parents can occasionally have a blond child. She kept her full power a secret from most, though her father easily learned of them. He kept her secret close, however; it made Nicolette the one product of his second marriage worth having. That made her resent her father all the more, though Nicole loves all her sisters. Her exile to Paix was only partly real, and from there she ended up in "service" to the General, her real service being the eyes and ears of the royal family in the Navy. Already having some fondness for (and experience with) the sea, Nicole took to sailing with relish, though waging war on the Castillians seemed pointless.

Alas, on her first shore leave, she traveled via Porté to Vodacce to escape the war for a while. One morning, she woke up to find her hands pinned and a Crescent blade at her throat. A Corsair captain stood over her as the cannon fire, and screaming, began outside. Unimpressed by her wealth or foreign babbling, the Corsair chained her to an oar like the rest of the survivors, and Nicole learned harsh lessons about how the 'other half' lives. As a result of her travails, she is much more grounded in reality than most Montaigne nobles were before the Revolution. While she retains her noble bearing, Nicole has never forgotten the experience, and enjoys using her abilities to help others.

More recently, Kestrel and her senior staff (Nicole among them) learned some truths about Bargain sorcery. With Matuschka's gift freeing Nicole of the Taint, as with Angelina, she feels as if a great weight lifted off her shoulders. However, now that her gateways are bright golden glows that travel through a world like unto Elaethorum (one can see into this world before entering, and travelers need not close their eyes), she wonders what her fellow Montaigne will make of her, peasant and noble alike.

Finally, she returns Ambrose's feelings emphatically, though this is becoming less and less of a secret. Her training has made it difficult to confront him (or any man, for that matter) directly with protestations of love, but she's impassioned enough and desperate enough that she's seriously considering it. His common origins don't bother her in the least, and his Musketeer background only endears him to her all the more. They have both been forced to leave everything they love behind. Why compound the tragedy with the folly of denying a love that is right in front of them?

Lady Merlin: Hero

Brawn 2, Finesse 4, Wits 4, Resolve 4, Panache 4

Reputation: 50

Background: True Identity, Unsanctioned

Advantages: Avalon (R/W), Cymric, Montaigne (R/W), Vodacce, Appearance (Above Average), Connection (Ally), Combat Reflexes, Glamour (Full), Left-Handed, Legendary Trait (Resolve), Sidhe Blood (Child of the Sky, Good Standing, Immune to Disease, Slow Aging, Variable Features), Small*

* Merlin will outgrow the Small Advantage when she nears adulthood.

Courtier: Dancing 2, Diplomacy 2, Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Gossip 1, Mooch 1, Oratory 3, Politics 2, Sincerity 2

Glamour (Apprentice): Jack 1, Kestrel 1, Mad Jack O'Bannon 1, Queen Maab 1, Thomas 1

Sailor: Balance 3, Climbing 3, Knotwork 1, Leaping 1, Rigging 3, Sea Lore 2, Swimming 2

Scholar: History 1, Mathematics 1, Philosophy 1, Research 1

Urchin: Conceal 3, Scrounging 3, Sincerity 2, Stealth 4, Street Navigation 4, Survival 4

Athlete: Break Fall 3, Climbing 3, Footwork 4, Leaping 1, Rolling 4, Side-step 4, Sprinting 1, Swimming 2, Swinging 4, Throwing 2

Fencing: Attack (Fencing) 5, Parry (Fencing) 3

Knife: Attack (Knife) 3, Parry (Knife) 5, Throw (Knife) 3

Pugilism: Attack (Pugilism) 3, Footwork 4, Jab 1

Villanova (Journeyman): Double Parry (Fencing/Knife) 4, Feint (Fencing) 5, Stop Thrust (Fencing) 5, Exploit Weakness (Villanova) 4

If anyone's secrets are more Terra-shaking than Kestrel's or Nicole's, Merlin's are. Alas, since the webmistress is also the player of this game, the GM can't tell you what they are. *eg* If you really must know, send us an e-mail and Evil GM-San will send you a private response from the office. (He says: "I'm dying to tell somebody.")

There are a few secrets, however, that can be revealed herein. First, Merlin's swordsman style is Villanova. An exiled member of the family taught it to her in gratitude for her saving his life (he was dead drunk when his family found him). She helped him sober up, and he taught her one of the deadliest schools of combat in the world.

Second, she is in fact of noble blood, and there's definitely something about her that freaks Piram out, even through the mask. Kestrel's all but certain Piram had Lynn's family killed, and Elaine seems to know who the girl is, though if she does, she's not telling. (And no, she's not Kestrel's daughter.)

Finally, as her Advantages and Glamour show, she has definite, powerful ties to the Sidhe. What they are remains to be seen, but any Avalon who can be a Child of the Sky yet wield the legend of Queen Maab obviously has powerful friends, whether she knows about them or not.

Freya Lingasdottir: Hero

Brawn 4, Finesse 3, Wits 4, Resolve 5, Panache 2

Reputation: 14

Arcana: Uncanny

Advantages: Avalon, Eisen, Montaigne, Vendel (R/W), Able Drinker, Accent (Larsfolk), Indomitable Will, Keen Senses, Toughness

Doctor: Dentist 2, Diagnosis 4, First Aid 4, Surgery 2, Veterinarian 3

Hunter: Ambush 2, Skinning 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3, Tracking 3, Trail Signs 3

Laerdom (Master): Kjot 5, Bevegelse 3, Ensomhet 3, Stans (Weather - calm) 4, Nod* (Weather - intensity) 5, Reise 4, Fornuft 5, Lidenskap (Weather - hot) 5, Kjolig (Weather - cold) 2, Villskap 5

Sailor: Balance 2, Climbing 3, Knotwork 1, Rigging 1, Sea Lore 2, Weather 5

Scholar: Astronomy 1, History 4, Mathematics 2, Occult 4, Philosophy 4, Research 1, Theology 3

Athlete: Climbing 3, Footwork 2, Lifting 2, Long Distance Running 2, Sprinting 1, Throwing 2

Dirty Fighting: Attack (Dirty Fighting) 1, Attack (Improvised Weapon) 1, Parry (Improvised Weapon) 2, Throw (Improvised Weapon) 1

* Freya, as a Master, has "become" the Nod rune. She can now increase and control most winds more or less at will, and her facility with this talent is phenomenal.

If Freya has any major secrets, Kestrel doesn't know them, and I am therefore keeping them to myself until they are revealed to Kestrel's player. *eg* I may just not bother giving her any just to drive the webmistress crazy, but most likely that'll be too easy. Watch this space for more.

Ilya Drakov: Hero

Brawn 4, Finesse 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4, Panache 3

Reputation: 11

Advantages: Avalon, Castillian, Eisen, Montaigne, Teodoran (R/W), Ussuran (R/W), Vendel, Academy, Appearance (Above Average), Keen Senses, Linguist, Noble

Courtier: Dancing 1, Diplomacy 2, Etiquette 2, Fashion 1, Gaming 4, Oratory 3, Politics 2, Sincerity 2

Hunter: Ambush 4, Fishing 2, Stealth 4, Survival 4, Tracking 3, Trail Signs 2, Traps 2

Merchant: Carpenter 3, Scribe 1

Pyeryem (Adept): Bear 4, Fish 2, Griffon 5, Man 4, Raven 2, Speak 3, Wolf 4

Streetwise: Socializing 3, Street Navigation 3, Underworld Lore 3

Archer: Attack 3, Snapshot 2, Trick Shooting 1

Athlete: Break Fall 3, Climbing 2, Footwork 5, Leaping 4, Lifting 1, Long Distance Running 3, Side-step 3, Sprinting 2, Swimming 2, Throwing 1

Commander: Ambush 4, Diplomacy 2, Leadership 1, Strategy 1, Tactics 2

Dirty Fighting: Attack (Dirty Fighting) 4, Eye Gouge 3, Kick 4, Throat Strike 3

Dobrynya (Journeyman): Bear Hug 4, Disarm (Wrestling) 5, Fortitude 4, Exploit Weakness 4

Wrestling: Bear Hug 4, Break 3, Escape 4, Grapple 5

Griffon (New Skin)
TN: 20
Boons: Attack (0k2 Claws), Flight, Keen Sight, No Fine Manipulation, Speed
Note: Attack (0k2 claws) and No Fine Manipulation are considered one Boon for Partial Transformation.

There's probably more to Ilya than meets the eye even compared to what the Ladyhawk's crew knows, but what they've already learned is pretty impressive. Ilya's full name is Drako Ilyov Pietrov -- and yes, it's that Pietrov. He gets along fine with Great Uncle Koshchei, except that the old man wants him to find a girl already. No, his difficulties are closer to home. Sharing a name with one of the bloodiest leaders in Ussuran history (and that's saying something) isn't going to win a Pyeryem any friends to start with. (Now you know why he goes by "Ilya.") If you also happen to become friends with your cousin -- the bloody leader's son -- who then goes just as crazy as daddy, well, that's going to complicate your life even further. Ilya tried to investigate, but that evil old SOB Kalenikov has insisted on running the investigation personally. Kalenikov tends to insist on things with knives, poison, and if necessary, large numbers of firearms.

Ilya traveled the world for a while, letting the Oprechnina move on to greener pastures (and redder victims). When Kalenikov's paranoia had cooled, he went to Pavtlow to serve his country, and if possible, convince Koshchei to get off his immortal tuchus and do something. Failing that, he's decided to join Kestrel to get away from the fear and stigma he faced in his homeland as a result of his name. For now, he serves the woman who saved Matushka gladly, but some day he hopes to return to Molhyna, to learn the true fate of his cousin and to show the hated Kalenikov why Ilya is called the Red Griffon.