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Each AAE story is broken down into "chapters" of approximately 100KB of ASCII text per file. SPOILER WARNING: The summary after the chapter links is intended for those who want to find out what happened in this section without reading the full archive. It will contain spoilers. You have been warned :-).

They've been his mortal enemy since before the Callahanian Army of Light first knew him. Now Rassilon, the First, Last and most Powerful of the Time Lords, is trying to strike a fatal blow to not only Michael Seven but everyone he's ever known by wiping the ex-Time Lord agent from the pages of history. Can the Callahanian Army of Light stop him? And if they do, will it be only to discover something worse awaiting them? (ran 30 Mar 01 - 29 Jan 02)

Past Imperfect Ch. 1 / Ch. 2 / Ch. 3 / Ch. 4 / Ch. 5 / Ch. 6 / Ch. 7 / Ch. 8 / Ch. 9 / Ch. 10 / Ch. 11 / Ch. 12
Present Simple Chapter 1 / Ch. 2 (Faerun group, pt. 1) / Ch. 3 (TARDIS group, pt. 1) / Ch. 4 (Void group) / Ch. 5 (TARDIS group, pt. 2) / Ch. 6 (Faerun group, pt. 2)
Future Perfect Ch. 1 / Ch. 2

Writers (in order of first post, writers with multiple characters are only mentioned once, by their alias or primary character's name):

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