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Adrian Thorne [rolandx]: (deceased) Dr. Thorne was an old enemy of Roland's, a deadly sorcerer who had been a genuine threat in Roland's youth but was quickly surpassed by the child of Phoenix. Thorne, frustrated by this turn of events, retreated and began to call on all the divination powers in his possession. None of them availed him until the death of Byron Gaunt, and the appearance of the Shadow Brand in his inner sanctum...

Once again a major power, Thorne had decided to settle accounts with his old enemy. Unfortunately for Thorne, dealing with Roland now meant dealing with Morgan Greywolf. After a series of failed attacks, he lured Roland and Morgan away, intending to use stolen knowledge of swordsmanship to kill the druid. Her skill was too much for him, however, and he lost his head over another man's wife. ;^)

Thorne's magicks were primarily temporal, allowing him to perform divinations and manipulate speed and perceptions. However, he also had fair mental shields and moderate control over powers and raw magick.

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Anna Mahloy [mjknight]: Many years ago, Knytt was called before the Time Lords to assassinate a young girl, who was a princess in a country that recently had a coup. They wanted the girl killed because she would become a great villain who would kill millions. He refused to kill a child for crimes she hadn't committed yet. So, dismissing Knytt, they called in a young Mahloy (see his bio below).

Mahloy went and was about to kill Anna when a loyal body guard shot Mahloy in the head. The gun Mahloy was using swung wide as the bullet hit, killing Anna's mother. The gun then fell out of the tree, going off again and killing the bodyguard. Anna ran off into the woods with Mahloy, head wound newly healing, in close pursuit.

Anna happened onto the TARDIS of the older Mahloy Knytt had supposedly killed. Young Mahloy saw a black ooze swell over and into the girl's body and she got up and got into the TARDIS. He couldn't make sense of it until Knytt shot him, and a black ooze seeped out. This was what was left of Mahloy's 'soul'. A sentient protoplasm. The ooze managed to escape unseen and took over the young girl's body, completing the circle it had witnessed so many years ago.

The other circle completed was the one making Anna a great villain. Being a composite of the young girl's personality and Mahloy's, Anna Mahloy is amoral, cold, calculating, and incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. The hate Mahloy harbored for Knytt has vanished, as being a foolish waste of time and energy. Not that she won't kill him if she gets the chance. She just doesn't feel the need to. She has better things to do.

She has made the realization that to win is not as important as playing the game. And, playing the game is not as important as herself. She will lose happily, with a better understanding of her opponent than she had before, living to fulfill her twisted desires another day.

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Byron Gaunt [rolandx]: Byron Gaunt was a servant of an unknown alliance of immortals sworn to awaken the being they believe to be the progenitor of all their kind, a being known to the forces of light only as the Adversary. Over a century old at his death, Byron had been much more moderate in his youth. But when his manor and titles were stolen by unscrupulous sorcerers, sworn enemies of his kind, he gave allegiance to the darkness and vowed to bring about the Awakening and the rule of the psions over all others. He embraced the corruption gladly, not truly knowing what he was becoming, and was gifted with a talisman out of nightmare by his unseen master: the Shadow Brand, a sword made of human bone. He led the immortal forces that invaded Oa, organized the ritual meant to summon the Adversary, and came far closer than any in a thousand years to succeeding.

Only peripherally involved in the War in Arcadia, Gaunt saw Roland's weakness on Quaren, and took his chance to regain the chosen avatar of the Adversary. Kidnaping the Druid Morgan Greywolf, he forced Roland into a duel that the young immortal was unprepared for. But Gaunt had not counted on the superspeed that Roland had (and lost as a result of the duel) and Gaunt was destroyed, his power absorbed by the Freelance Immortal (AAE3, ch. 18, post # 00000382).

This was not the end for Byron, however. A Lady of Amber snatched his spirit from its journey back to rebirth on Earth-9, and placed it in a cloned body, intending to use it as part of her own plots. Byron, however, had not always been so steeped in corruption, and he chose to leave behind his treacherous former master, rejoining the Aeon Society.

For the fate of the Shadow Brand, see the Adrian Thorne entry.

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Chaos [gamer]: In the beginning there was only Chaos. But even Chaos is subject to Balance and thus could not exist alone. So he shattered and his body spread out, infusing the infinite number of multiverses with the basic randominity and energy to be able to form. That's not to say he doesn't exist though. For Chaos is still everywhere and in everything, making him one of the most powerful beings there is. However being the personification of Change, Randominity, Luck, Fortune, Chance, etc makes him impossible to predict. every encounter with him is a new experience. Will he be a friend, or a Foe? Will he even remember having met you before? or will he know every intimate detail about you? The CAoL finds Chaos crossing their path a lot and each time braces for a new twist...

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The Controller [gamer]: (deceased) A roboticist from a high-tech dimension who was victim of a man-made genetic disease that attacked and destroyed cells of his body. It was stopped from spreading before reaching his brain, but his body was destroyed. His primary goal is to create a body for himself that is not subject to things like disease, but after Driscoll killed him on his first attempt, his goal has now split to utterly humiliating and destroying the Army of Light for robbing him of his remaining humanity.

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Darath the Black [gamer]: (deceased) In the land of Quaren, long ago, a High Priestess of Ligi fell in love with A man, a follower of Darath. Her order forbade relations with men, much less marriage, but her love form him proved stronger and she left the order to be wed and raise a child. Ligi was furious at this and cursed their child, marring his face into a hideous mockery of a man who no one could look upon without feeling fear and disgust. The father prayed to Darath for his help. Darath came, and though he could not undo Ligi's curse, he laid his own blessing upon the man and bid that be named Darath.

Darath the Black grew strong and healthy, though he was forced to live his life behind a mask because of his curse. He sought ways to change that and began learning the ways of Magic. He found that Darath had blessed him with a fraction of his own power, making him and Avatar fo the God.

Darath the Black knew his destiny was to create a haven on Quaren for the followers of Darath and looked upon the Kingdom of Misern he lived in. He began calling upon the created of the night for aid, and created a greatsword, enchanting it with his own soul. The sword was dubbed Soulstealer and increased Darath the Black's Power incredibly. Creatures died with one touch of its ebony blade, their bodies them brought back to serve Darath the Black as undead.

He began to enjoy the undead about him for they could feel no fear nor disgust at the sight of him, and so he surrounded himself with an army of them and marched against the King of Misern. The King was overthrown and Darath the Black declared himself king. He banished all followers of other religions and declared the worshipping of Ligi a capital offense, punishable by immediate execution.

He ruled Misern with an iron fist and the people followed him out of a combination of fear and devotion. He took his army of undead to the ancient capital city, in the midst of a vast desert that had been created as result of another fit of Ligi's wrath. He lived there in solitude, sending out his undead messengers to direct his business.

The all changed when the CAoL came though, Hired by Driscoll to find his missing brothers. Darath the Black, manipulated by The Controller faced the Army of Light and paid for it with his life.

But that was not the end of it, when years later the Sorceress Isla cast a spell to reform Soulstealer from the pieces, saving a shard for herself to control the sword and Darath the Black with. She gave him the body of a 12 year old girl to inhabit and then went looking for greater power.

Isla and Darath encountered the CAoL after being cast out of Quaren II by the powerful mage Gregorian Glemson. Isla acted to help the CAoL, but then convinced Roscoe's adopted son Squee to go off with her and she would help him look for his real parents. She sought to learn the secrets of his powers and of finding the interdimensional crossroads his people were guardians of, but he learned quickly from her and stole SoulStealer, killing her with it and wielding it himself now, holding not only his own power, but that of Darath the Black and Isla now.

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Matron Drisonel [xzerrion]: (deceased) Drisonel has been around for over 400 years, and has been the matron mother of the first house of Undraeth for the past 200. Unsatisfied with this, over the last 50 years, she has begun expanding her influence to the surface of her home plane, as well as other planes. Early in the course of her conflict with Xzerrion, she expected to be able to recruit him over to her house, especially after Akordia, the only possible choice as matron mother for Xzerrion's house, was killed. She thought that his skills in the subtler magics, such as illusion, would be a useful addition to her mage corps, and most drow would jump at the chance to become part of the first house. Xzerrion has become a bit of an obsession with her, as she wishes to see him turned to her side or killed for the embarrassment he has caused her house.

She had been working with the Controller both to try to extend her influences in Quaren and to attempt to trap Xzerrion. However, the Controller's condescension towards her has made her consider betraying him and taking all the power for herself. Power, even more than the worship of Lloth, is Drisonel's religion.

Any time Drisonel makes an appearance, she is likely to be accompanied by several of her house mages and soldiers, including possibly her house mage and/or her weaponsmaster.

Was killed by Xzerrion while fighting in the Abyss, after Lloth decreed that there must be an end to her wasting resources pursuing him in AAE3 chapter 33.

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Excess [fuzzy]: The surviving Spirit of the Demoness that was assimilated to create Nemisis. she has sworn vengeance on Fuzzy and Nemisis, and escaped from Tartarus, The Demons and Devils consider her to be Rogue. She is currently possessing the Body of a 'ShadowRun' Shaman who received one piece of Cyber too many, and seeking the tools with which to begin her hunt.
Excess's Primary Attribute is the enhancement of Bias,
Hero's become more Heroic, Villains become more Vile...
A Cruel person would become truly Sadistic...
A Kind person becomes more Angelic...
Though She will never understand or believe it she serves the Ballance
Just as completely as Fuzzy does.

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Gruber [Stranger] (NPC): 6' tall, heavily muscled human male, blonde, brown eyes, usually lots of scars. Gruber is Stranger's arch enemy. He hates Stranger with a passion that is hard for a mortal to understand. Stranger first met Gruber in a 20th Century parallel. Stranger had assumed the role of a Detective Sergeant of the NYPD Serious Crimes Unit, under the alias of David Wolfson. Gruber was a terrorist who held New York to ransom with a nuclear bomb. Stranger killed him, throwing him under the rollers of a steel rolling mill. However, Arioch apparently cursed him with the same curse as Stranger, given he had matched Stranger very closely, he figured he would be useful in containing Stranger. MolloM also repeated his curse, just to keep the symmetry. Gruber is fast, tough and utterly ruthless. His main aim appears to be the destruction of Stranger. Stranger is slightly faster, but Gruber is slightly stronger. He also appears to have discovered some of Strangers weakest spots, he knows about 'Beatrice' for sure. He also apparently has some sort of dimension travel capability.

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Jadis [pookie]: Originally another shard of the Zodaii which had assembled a human personality filter from the people whom it used as hosts. Evil, it delighted in torture and sadism, but not to the detriment of its own plans. Also very intelligent, it would have plans within plans, and delighted in having its enemies accomplish its work for it. The human personality filter was rent asunder, enough to allow the Zodaii to function was kept with the original, and the rest was ejected. This refuse had consciousness, and retained the name Jadis. It has an abiding hatred for John, but what powers it may possess are unknown.

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KnightMare (a.k.a. Z'On'Dar) [rolandx]: A native of Z'Ha'Dum; also the Fell Spider of Arcadia. Previously thought deceased, now known to be at large. Controls 'First Ones' tech and Arcadian magick. It seeks to gather vast primal forces from throughout the multiverse; some cosmic entities suspect that it might be plotting to rearrange as much of reality as its power can reach...

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Mahloy (A.K.A.: The blonde man in black) [mjknight]: Mahloy is a renegade Time Lord experiment, along the same lines as Knytt. First appearing in AAE2, Mahloy assisted in catching Knytt for the Time Lords, then went on to assist the Controller in an experiment to create a Reality Field Generator that would turn Arcadia, and everyone in it, into its mundane real world counterpart. Mahloy had Knytt trapped in a prototype of that machine, but Knytt found a weakness in the design and escaped. In the process, Mahloy apparently fell to his death inside the Reality Field. Unfortunately, the reality field was not perfect and Mahloy managed to survive the fall and subsequent explosion of the machine. Badly burned and scarred, he reappeared in AAE3. Posing as a future version of Knytt, Mahloy captured Knytt and would have killed him, but his plan yet again backfired and Knytt killed Mahloy. However, unknown to Knytt a black snakelike ooze left Mahloy's dead body and escaped in a TARDIS, leaving the true death of Mahloy in some doubt.

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M'Lausa Eilservs [xzerrion]: In many ways, M'Lausa is a dark reflection of what Xzerrion could have been. First and foremost, he is a mage with great skill in the magics of stealth, concealment, and conversely, divination. He is trained as an assassin, and had worked as such for his house for many years. When his house chose to strike at Xzerrion's, he was on the surface, an ambassador to the group of humans who eventually took Tezrantha prisoner. Thus, he missed the strike which wiped out all but two of House Rilynt'tar, as while as Xzerrion's counterblow eliminating his house entirely. He is sworn to vengeance, on Xzerrion for what he has done to his position, and will work with anyone who will help him achieve it.

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Rychezeist [Martin Gerster a.k.a. ofgerst]: Rychezeist is a servant/avatar of the Tymewyrm. The Tymewyrm is a creature which exists outside of Time and Space, a creature so horrible that mankind's primal awareness of this beast created the Earthly legends of the Midguard Serpent and the Ouroboros Worm. However this Tymewyrm is both and neither of these things. The Tymewyrm subsists upon the suffering of those inside of Space and Time, or more appropriately, its existence depends upon the consumption the *potential* suffering of those within time-space. Because the Tymewyrm only exists outside of the time-space continuum it occasionally makes a compact with an entity (or entities) inside of time-space to take care of that which it considers its "interests". In exchange, the Tymewyrm promises great power to these beings. Rychezeist is one with whom the Tymewyrm has made such an agreement, he is an avatar/servant of the Tymewyrm.

Rychezeist is a Behir; a 20 ft. long, multi-limbed, reptilian snake/worm with a crocodilian head, ram-like horns and lightning breath. The Tymewyrm has directed Rychezeist to end the "interference" of the CAoL, whose actions on Oa and in Arcadia have prevented the potential suffering of many. The reptilian/draconic natures of both the Tymewyrm and Rychezeist has led them both to assume that Dhyrclhanc is the central linchpin of the CAoL and if he is defeated then the rest of the group will fall apart.

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Shard [rolandx]: Once the Shadow Brand, a form in which he was trapped by his father, Shard was freed from his eternal prison when Morgan killed Thorne. He now roams the multiverse, a cosmic nuisance to Roland (who was his nemesis in a past life). Though Shard prefers theatrics to genuine evil, his vast power and deep sense of loyalty make him a dangerous enemy. His one major weakness at present is his hunger for sensation -- after ten thousand years trapped in the form of a sword, he wants to feel more than anything.

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Squee [gamer] (NPC): When The Controller sieged Arcadia, he didn't notice that a small child had not been captured with the rest of his village and was hiding in the Controller's base. Roscoe found Squee and pledged to raise him and help find his parents if they still lived.

Squee helped a bit in defeating The Controller and in some of the other adventures that came along while he was with the CAoL though he still missed his parents. When Isla offered to teach him even more magic and help find his parents in exchange for showing her how to use the Dimentional Crossroads, he was more than happy to agree. But he took more from her lessons than just new spells. He could see a reflection of himself in Isla and understood her want for more power.

They finally did find Squee's parents, or what was left of them. In a medieval fantasy realm, in the home of an Alchemist, they found the body of one of them picked in a jar, while the other had been cup up, dried, used to make some potions, powdered... but both were well dead. Squee was devastated and became quite depressed as well as angry at Roscoe, believing that if Roscoe had actually been looking for them they could have found his parents in time to save them.

Isla was near ending their arrangement, but Squee acted first. As she slept he stole the pendent with the shard of SoulStealer she used to control Darath the Black and then took SoulStealer and killed her, then returned the soul of the now 14 year old girl to her body (Isla had kept a longevity spell on the girl so she aged slowly). Squee took her off with him as he began dimension hopping o look for more power himself, teaching her both the ways of magic as well as they ways of love.

Now he resides in a dimension he is Lord and master over, still seething his hatred for his Foster father and for the rest of the CAoL for abandoning the search for his parents. With the power he now wields and his inside knowledge of the CAoL he could end up being their deadliest enemy.

Squee was formerly on the Good Guys page.

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Valeyard [Martin Gerster a.k.a. ofgerst]: The Doctor is the famous, some might say infamous, Renegade Galifreian Time Lord who has <ahem> time and again broken their principal Code of Non-Interference. Potentially, sometime in the relatively near future the Doctor will come into contact with something so outside his standard sphere of experience that he will callously reject everything that he previously held near and dear and turn his attentions to the spread of Chaos and Disorder in the Universe. Additionally, in doing so, he will make the Master, his previous nemesis, look like a common schoolboy in comparison. However, this hasn't happened yet.

Regardless, it was the meddling of the High Council of the Time Lords on Galifrey that brought this potential "Anti-Doctor" into the current time-frame and gave him the title "the Valeyard." It was also the clumsy use of a TARDIS, and Time Lord technology contained therein, of the Controller which brought this Valeyard to Quaren. The Valeyard is continuing his vendetta with the Doctor, a vendetta which was thought to be over after the rigged second trial of the Doctor by the same Galifreian High-Court which brought the Valeyard into existence in this reality, a Trial rigged both by the Master and the Valeyard. The Valeyard is convinced that his defeating the Doctor will ensure his own continued existence in this reality.

Also, after his brief observation of Knytt, now Michael Seven, and the rest of the CAoL, the Valeyard is convinced that it will be Michael Seven's unique relationship with the Doctor will be the key to his defeating his Renegade Time-Lord Alter Ego. However, what the Valeyard's been doing since Michael Knight and the CAoL left Quaren is a mystery.

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The Zodaii [pookie]: Last two members of a an ancient race, which some legends say existed before anything else. They have an ancient enmity, and strive to absorb and vanquish the other. One used John Roslik as a host, the other created the being known as Jadis to host it. They do not understand time as most beings see it, operating consciously at all times simultaneously, and many other concepts as well, which necessitates the need for a host. They are completely amoral, being slightly affected by the morality of the host body. Each beings substance was shattered and strewn across all that is. Each piece seeks to reunite with the other pieces that comprise the original and to vanquish the pieces which comprise the other one. In their last major attempt they were once again scattered. Their defeat was planned for, a fact John knows, though he has no knowledge of the plans themselves. The only thing they did not plan on was John himself surviving the process. They have not been heard from since their defeat.

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