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Read the saga of the CAoL! Each AAE story is broken down into "chapters" of approximately 100KB of ASCII text per file.

NOTE: Each story arc has been given it's own page, Click on the section title for plot summaries and links to its archives.

It starts in a bar, when a Stranger is attacked by a horde of blaster-wielding aliens. Seeing a potential good time, several Patrons -- many of whom are more than they seem -- jump in to help. Little do they realize that three universes hang in the balance.... (ran 2 Sep 96 through 9 Dec 96)

Once again, Stranger is missing -- but that is the least of the Patrons' troubles, as they are embroiled in a war against imagination in the Heart of Arcadia. (ran 15 Dec 96 through 6 Apr 97)

If a God of Chaos and Thieves hired you for a mission of mercy, what would you do? Well, the Callahanian Army of Light (fresh from its victory in Arcadia and sporting a nifty new name) decides to help.

But they have accumulated many enemies by this time, and the strange, fantastic world of Quaren might be the perfect death trap! (ran 8 Apr 97 through 2 Oct 97)

There's a 'bug' in the fabric of Reality.

It's 15 billion years old, it has mastered ancient science and faerie magick, wields cosmic power, and has armies of incredible creatures led by some of the most infamous villains in creation.

Only one force can stop it: the handful of heros known as the Callahanian Army of Light.

And the 'bug' is ready for them....

(ran 11 Sep 97 - 26 Oct 98, in four segments, each with a different GM.)

What do you do after you've saved the multiverse?

To the Callahanian Army of Light, the answer is simple: keep doing what they're meant to do. All of creation or a single lost friend, when the power and skill of the CAoL is needed, they rise to the challenge. (ran 11 Feb 99 - 7 Sep 99)

Like the man said, "For the impossible we need 24 hours notice." The phrase could have referred to the Callahanian Army of Light.

One of the team's most powerful members had given his life to prevent the embodiment of evil from gaining power over countless realities. But having been "constructed" from nine versions of himself in the first place, killing him didn't have the usual effect. Instead, he was transformed into nine artifacts of enormous power, each able to alter some (or all!) aspects of reality. They resided in a self-contained multiverse, which is home to vast and powerful forces. Many of these forces aren't nice, and some of them controlled the artifacts. A dangerous challenge, even to Callahan's resident team of cosmic adventurers.

Of course they went in. (ran 25 Aug 1999 - 31 Mar 2001)

They've been his mortal enemy since before the Callahanian Army of Light first knew him. Now Rassilon, the First, Last and most Powerful of the Time Lords, is trying to strike a fatal blow to not only Michael Seven but everyone he's ever known by wiping the ex-Time Lord agent from the pages of history. Can the Callahanian Army of Light stop him? And if they do, will it be only to discover something worse awaiting them? (ran 30 Mar 01 - 29 Jan 02)

They've defeated galactic armadas, cosmic entities, super-demons, Things That Should Not Be, and even an avatar of Evil Incarnate.

But this time, it looks like the CAoL has met its two innocent toddlers and some talking animals. The twin children of the Freelance Immortals have blithely flown in where angels fear to tread -- the Tooniversal Continuum. Let the 'toons beware... (ran 01 Feb 02 - 14 Jun 03)

In AAE IV, the Gaunt Man learned of the Callahanian Army of Light. In AAE VI, Thratchen tried to steal a cosmic artifact of unimaginable power. In AAE VII, the Demon Prince struck again, attempting to divine the secrets of the TARDIS.

For years, the Gaunt Man has let his demonic rival do the work. Meanwhile, he has watched. Waited. Planned. Prepared.

And now, his plans have borne their monstrous fruit.

Earth-9 is the richest prize the Gaunt Man has ever found, replete with Possibilities and defended by vast forces. In one fell stroke, his rivals and his enemies alike will fall. When they do, he will become the Torg: immortal, indestructible, invincible. The terror and agony are merely sweet frosting on a hellish cake. Indeed, the resistance of the Callahanians will only serve his purposes... (ran 02 Sep 03 - 19 May 07)

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