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Dhyrclhanc (full bio) (picture):

Dhyrclhanc is the second most powerful member of the Callahanian Army of Light, as well as a charter member of the group almost since the beginning during the conflict on Oa.

Standing roughly at 21 ft. tall and 31 ft. long, Dhyrclhanc is a "young adult" (really an infant or "hatchling," 446 years old) Ruby Fire Dragon. Dhyrclhanc possesses an 84 ft. wingspan, a ruby, carnelian, and amber scaled hide, ice-blue/white pupil- and iris-less eyes, a styracosaurus-style head-crest, two large ivory-colored twisted ram-like horns on the sides of his head and long ivory-colored talons on his "hands" and "feet."

As well as being a dragon, Dhyrclhanc is also an "immortal," a "psion," a martial-artist, a bard, a jester, a battle-field medic, a Mage, a self-proclaimed "Sentinel," and (most recently) an Adept of Rune-nanomagitech (see below) and, obviously, a Lensman (again, see below). Given his level of strength and power, some who he has met on his travels have called him "Chalkydri"; a term which roughly translates into "Warrior/Guardian/Servant of the Gods." However, whatever truth there is to this, Creation has not seen fit, yet, to reveal it to the, still young, "'draconian' Lensman."

Born on a fantasy world called Yrth, it was the accidental encounter with an unstable, trans-dimensional, electromagnetic and magickal, disturbance called the "Banestorm." This being the result of an ancient, failed, spell cast by the "dark" elves (a racist elven cult composed of those who object to the existence of all non-elf life on Yrth) of his native world. This changed him into a "D-bee," or "dimensional being"; a creature able to journey through "the Bleed" that separates "Alterverses," or "alternate universes." This "Banestorm" also changed him so that, among other things, he could survive, and thrive, in the cold hard vacuum of outer space.

Dhyrclhanc journeys, both with, and without, the CAoL, throughout the various "fictions," or 5-D time-space loci, have led to his encountering many entities. Among them being the Arrisians, the Vorlons and the Shadows, the Time-Lords, the Guardians of Oa, and Oberon and Titania of the Faerie, or at least one version of them, being among them. Each of these encounters has had a lasting effect on him and changed in ways both subtle and grand.

Many of Dhyrclhanc's activities and responsibilities in the other "Alterverses" have disallowed his constant participation in the activities of the Callahanian Army of Light (or CAoL). Even so, he still views himself one of group's linchpins, especially as one of group's emotional anchors.

In the past, the CAoL has made, and dealt with, several adversaries (including Lloth; the self-appointed Demon-God of the Drow!). Most, if not all, of them have learned that with all of Dhyrclhanc's skills, powers, prowess, abilities, the "Lensdragon" is an opponent not to be underestimated. This is especially true when one realizes that Dhyrclhanc wields two of the most powerful weapons in the known Omni-Verse (the sum total of all of the Alterverses). These being a Lens of Arisia and a Magickal Green-Lantern's Ring (in fact a version of the "First-Ring" originally worn by Alan Scott; the first known Earthman to call himself a "Green-Lantern" and who now, not coincidentally, calls himself "Sentinel")

If all of this weren't enough, in the addition to this Dhyrchlanc is also an accomplished Adept of the "Rune-nanomagitech" style of "techno-magick" (see below). All of which indeed renders "everyone's lovable Lensdragon" into nothing less than a force to be reckoned with.

Dhyrclhanc's most recent adventures with the CAoL have included the loss, and regaining of his "Sentinel's-Ring," or "First-Ring" as he has again taken to calling it, as well as his mutual adoption of the Freelance Immortals Morgan Greywolf and Roland Phoenix as foster siblings. He has also come into his full potential as a Priest of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon of Light, including and especially an entity he originally only paid lip service to -- Bennu, the Phoenix.

There have been four events that have been crucial turning points in Dhyrclhanc's recent life. The already mentioned adoption of, and by, the Freelance Immortals, as his foster-sibs. The adoption of the traveling companions of Nimrod and Sythea, and, eventually, the rest of his "Cadre of Light," including Max; a Pikachu. The, also aforementioned, loss and regaining of his "First-Ring." Last but certainly not least, the assumption of the semi-formal role of student of the Master "Techno-Mage" and "Cat-Changeling" named Fuzzy; another member of the CAoL. This, in turn, lead to his becoming an Adept of the "Rune-nanomagitech" (Dhyrclhanc's word for it) School of "techno-magick," if it can indeed be called such.

Still even now, Dhyrclhanc is only beginning to scratch the surface of what he is capable of, especially in regards to what he can do with his "Rune-nanomagitech." Fuzzy, the "Cat-Changeling" and "Techno-Mage's" gift to him is, put simply, the equal amalgamation of both High Weird Magick and High Weird Science. Having so far only toyed with the use of this "techno-magick" in its fabrication and production capabilities, it has proven to be the near equal in power to his "First-Ring." What its full potentialities end up being seems, also like his "First-Ring," to be only limited by the "Sentinel-Lensdragon's" imagination.

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