Punctuation Conventions and Other Explanations

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The FAQs that are occasionally sent out on the OOC list: Intro to the CAoL, General Advice (includes e-list information), the CAoL (unofficial) Charter, and Helpful Hints.

Unique punctuation

The members of the CAoL are not all limited to verbal speech. Several have telepathic abilities of some degree, and we also share a psi-web (q.v.). Different folx indicate a non-verbal communication in different ways, and some have several notations to differentiate between forms.

The first list is a convention for various forms of communication the group agreed to in approximately March 1998. The second is a list of some of the notations used by different folx before the above convention came into use.

Current notation
"this" Spoken (pretty standard already) -- if the spoken is in other than "common" (i.e. English) it can be so noted. This should cover Dragon, Japanese, etc.
=this= feline, since that seems to be the most common non-English language (can be combined with other notations when sent, etc.)
/this/ the CAoL mini-lens based psi-web
*this* non-CAoL-link telepathy, such as between Driss and members of Roscoe's race, or any other wide form
^this^ "private" links/telepathy (like Roland and Morgan's private link and any other 1-to-1 links)
[this] private thoughts, as in thinking to ones self and not sending to anyone, internal dialogs, etc.
{this} radio and other "mechanically" enhanced comm, like Trek-style communicators, B5-style links, walkie-talkies, etc.
#this# as Dhyrclhanc put it, "Cyber-psi communication to, and from, electronic, computerized or mechanical devices and characters." This might include the Techno-Twins between themselves, Nemesis, and other such that can link faster than most of us can think :-).
@[email protected] pure Arisian lens communication (looks like a lens to me <g>); possibly also for Trumps if that's OK with Zia (since she's the only one "Trumping" at this point)
&this& Comm between Zia and Nemo over their "jewelry" link
%this% Comm between Dhyrclhanc, Roland and Morgan, over the rings Dhyrclhanc gave his two sibs at their wedding. (Was originally ooo this ooo)
() or {} (nothing inside) for data sent in "packets," like locational information or data blocks within another message (example: *They are located () here.*)

Older notations
" " Everyone for verbal speech
' ' Fuzzy and Nemisis: Normal verbal when combined with one of the others
# # Fuzzy and Nemisis: Feline Native tongue
^ ^ Morgan and Roland for their personal link (see the wedding posts)
* * Knytt for Pyewackett and other animal telepathy
* * Mischief: Telepathy
* * Roland: Telepathy, link, etc.
{} Fuzzy and Nemisis: Within a telepathic message denotes either an image, some other non-verbal data, or a hi-density pattern of memory sharing, if the text of the messages does not seem to imply what data is in the {} then {descriptive} is used.
{ } Knytt for Radio frequencies (Used with Will Robinson, and his Robot. Also used by Vincent. This notation is no longer used.)
[ ] Driscoll for telepathy from Roscoe, Squee, or others of their race
[ ] Knytt for Sparky and other computer terminal communications. (Also no longer in use.)
/ / Dhyrclhanc : telepathic communication, both through the link and not, also default notation for telepathy for the group(?)
/ / Knytt and other human telepathy (Also used for Vincent the robot's telepathy.
\ \ Fuzzy and Nemisis: Telepathic
/" "/ Dhyrclhanc: telepathic _and_ spoken
/# #/ Dhyrclhanc: Cyber-psi communication to, and from, electronic, computerized or mechanical devices and characters (ex.: Nimrod, an advanced hunter/combat android)
<* *> Morgan for the link
<#* *#> Morgan for the House Rillynt'tar sigil link
/* */ Stranger and Kitty for telepathy, "the in-joke being that it's C notation for comments."

Other items of possible puzzlement or confusion

Psi-Web (a.k.a. "the lens link" or "the Link"): In AAE2, Dhyrclhanc gave all of the then-members of the CAoL "mini-Lenses." The human, and humanoid, Callahanians bear their Lens on the outside of their right wrist. The non-humanoid Callahanians, however, bear their Lens on their forehead. To quote the Sentinel-Lensdragon, "These are not *true* Lenses of Arisia. ... These are simply a concrete manifestation of our Psi-Web, they also irrevocably tie all of us together telepathically. Now, no matter what our opponents may do to us, the Psi-Web will remain intact."

Retcon: A contraction of "retroactive continuity, " refers to the changing of previously established details of a fictional setting, sometimes without providing an in-character explanation for the changes. Since we write this story on the fly, sometimes things need to be rewritten to compensate for contradictory posts, or just to get everyone back on the same track. More info can be found at nationmaster.com or Wikipedia.

Sigils: Xzerrion at one time made copies of his House Sigil for various members of the CAoL. These enhanced magickal powers by calling on the power of a demon, and could have unpleasant side effects. At the end of AAE3 there were no more of these sigils in existence.
Xzerrion then made a special set of sigils for the "House CAoL," which bear a black/white yin-yang type symbol with a fireplace in the center. These are different from the House Rillynt'tar sigils in that they do not enhance magick.

Cutter and Leetah: These are Morgan's two wolf companions, and are named after the Cutter and Leetah of the "Elfquest" saga. Their abilities have never been fully explained or explored, but they are definitely magickal. They are also part of the CAoL psi-web.

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