Intro to the CAoL

<Morgan, in her Greywolf garb, steps through an X-window and addresses the assembled Patronage.>

Once upon a time, 2 Sep 1996 to be exact, Gareth posted the following to a.c:

The Stranger wanders over to the bar.

"Hey Mike, a coke if you pleasse."

He lays a coin on the table.

"I'm bored, and I'm a bit low. I want some excitement and adventure. Anyone feel like joining me?"

"I'm thnking of something like the UNCLE threads from way back. Whaddya say folks? I could do with cheering up and I daresay a few others could. Anyone?"

And the rest, as they say, is history.

There's lots of information on us, including character bios, photos, and the entire text of the story so far on our web site.

What is now an exercise in collaborative fiction evolved from Stranger's aforementioned post. The thread was originally called "Action, Adventure, Excitement," hence the "AAE" designation our posts. Eventually running the story through Usenet became too complicated and it moved to e-mail.

Fuzzy says about our server:

We are on our second list server, This one was custom written for our use by myself, and has the ability to link the AAE List to alt.callahans as a single thread.

The CAoL Listserver, only routes email from subscribers, But it has several NewsLink Modes.

Currently in Bidirectional Newslink Mode, it will handle posts from anyone in alt.callahans., If the AAE string is in the subject line.

There are a few issues everyone should be aware of...

1) EMail sent through the server will be posted as a follow-up to the last message the Software has seen in the thread.

2) The software detects the thread by looking for a given string in the Subject line, that string at present is 'AAE' case sensitive, quotes optional. ;) Let me know if that should be changed...

3) The Reply-to is set to the list server's address but only subscribed members of the list should send mail there, everyone else will be filtered out.This is so the software can detect what it has posted itself.

4) Any message posted with the key string in the subject line, that does not have the Reply-to set as will be read by the list software and sent to everyone on the list. But not reposted.

Any questions or comments about the link should be EMailed to me at .

Fuzzy is also the contact if you'd like to be added to the list.

It's kind of hard to briefly describe the Callahanian Army of Light (a.k.a. the CAoL). We all write our own characters, and come from a variety of backgrounds, so we're an eclectic bunch -- dragons, Time Lords, immortals, Drow elves, just to name a few. Our "enemies" are equally diverse, from psychotic cyborgs to faerie-enchanted B5 Shadows.

We have borrowed liberally from several sources, including Dr. Who and Babylon 5. Others include the Lensman series, the DC and Marvel comic book worlds, Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion (one incarnation is the founder, and another is a part-time member), and several RPG worlds. However, a considerable amount of the madness is of our own creation.

One such amalgam is the psiweb, a telepathic link created by our resident 'Lensdragon.' Through it, the main characters are capable of mental communication. Also, there are several private links, a few broadcast telepaths, and members capable of innate EM transmission. This has created a plethora of unusual punctuation. Common replacements for quotation marks include *asterisks*, /slashes/ and #pound signs#.

If you'd like to join our collaboration, the best advise is to lurk for a while and then jump in when you feel ready. Feel free to e-mail anyone on the list if you have a question -- we're more than happy to share the fun :-).

<She smiles.> We now return you to your regularly scheduled camaraderie.

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