Some CAoLers as created in HeroMachine

Welcome to those of you who found this page through an image search. Know that I take steps to prevent hotlinking to images on my site, and that I occasionally change image names and replace hotlinked images with something that will embarrass the hotlinker. You have been warned :-).

[Hero Machine] We've discovered a nifty utility called "HeroMachine," that allows non-artists to create visuals of their characters.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the images. The link beneath an image will open a pop-up with the HeroMachine text code for the image: Code1 for version one, Code2 for version 2.

From Doc Eneregy: one of Doc Energy in his human form and the other when he's in the robot/battle suit.
From Avery
From Roland: Silver Phoenix (in her 'spirit' form, from HM1), and in her spirit and synthezoid forms (from HM2).
From Roland: Two of Roland, and Eric. Eric's duster should be black, but it would have lost all detail.

Heromachine 2 codes that don't have images yet: Roland, Roland X, and The Hunter

From Harlock, 7/19/02: "I think this one captures Harlock fairly instrument, but whacha gonna do? Also of note, Erindrea in her work clothes, and in a casual mood."
[Fuzzy 1]
[Fuzzy 2]
From Fuzzy, 3/31/01: A pair of possibles; The hair and beard like the first, but it is supposed to be red-brown with Blond hi-lights. The two small shields is right, The Boss (center) of one a Glowing pattern drifting Cats-eye Jasper, The other Fuzzy's Lens, But the Lens side does not show so we don't have to worry about how to draw it... ;)
From LJWolfe, 3/30/01: I know, I have several versions of Morgan on the site, but this one at least captures her usual clothing better than the others. Pretend the 'light saber' is a claymore ;-). The second image is Rio.
From Mike, 3/29/01: Here's one of Mike, probably my best effort, I think. The pose doesn't suit him, but whatchagonnado? :)

And after seeing what the program could do, I just couldn't resist doing this one. (Grep)

From Dhyrclhanc, 3/29/01 (updated 10/23/03): Anyway, here's a version of the only real human-looking charter member of Dhyrclhanc's Cadre of Light; Sythea -- the original Femme Fatale. ;^)
From Ziactrice, 3/29/01: You know, this just captured Zia so well it's almost scary.... even the eyebrow...
[John 1]
[John 2]
From "Shadow," 3/28/01: I did two pics of John, one fantasy dress, one modern.
From Driscoll, 3/27/01: Unfortunately it couldn't make a picture of Driss that I'd consider doing him justice so I don't have one of those, and Darath the Black's picture looked like a big black blob unless I made him Darath the Grey and then he looked kinda ordinary. Anyways here's the results for some of the other characters. Somehow I don't think I can do Chaos... ;-)
[Driss and Roscoe]
A later addition to HeroMachine allowed Dris to add: "A Driss and a Darath the Black pic that are both.. ehhh ok nothing too special and not perfect... and just a cute little pic of Iasun Bowman..just..picture him short and a little more heavyset... ;-)" (Iasun's a halfling)
From Dane, 3/27/01: Aurora
From SkyeFire, 3/26/01: Well, here's a rough stab at Roger. The models available don' one thing, Roger's jacket is a regular bomber jacket, but the only one they had just didn't look right.

So...wings, lightsaber (or is it a GLR-generated baseball bat?), and generic "power signature" in the free hand...

[Scott 1]
[Scott 2]
[Scott 3]
From Scott Osborne, 3/26/01: Three attempts at Scott. I'm most fond of the last, even though he's all out of proportion. (Unsurprising, considering that it's based on the "Brick" model.)
From Caprice/Legion, 3/26/01: Ok, I finally gave into temptation. :) (Legion, Nathaniel and Argent)
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