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Wolfestead (Morgan)
Tao of Hypertime (Roland)
A Mathemagician's Journal (Zia)


Morgan's Musings
Roland's Justice Log
M.J. Knight's Journal (was
Shadow/Brooke's Journal (Nemo) (Some adult-oriented content -- sensitive viewers read at their own risk. YHBW.)
AErisia: CulturalJaywalking (Pope Snarky)
The Semi-Official All-Callahanian Web Page. This web site serves the alt.callahans, #callahans,, and Delphi Callahans communities. (includes Quotes in the Callahanian spirit)

Callahans LiveJournal Community

Welcome to our #callahans homepage. #callahans is an undernet IRC channel dedicated to friendship and silliness. We're doing our best to provide a central repository of things related to #callahans.

Spider Robinson -- Post Toast: A toast, posted to the alt.callahans newsgroup on behalf of Spider Robinson, creator of the Callahan's ficton.

Spider Robinson: Off the Wall:

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