Morgan Greywolf

What the heck, I did one of Roland, I'll do one of me. Some of these photos can be found somewhere else on the Silver Gateways, but this page collects them all into one place. Many of them are thumbnails, which are links to larger images.

[thumbnail] Repeated from the "Photos page," this is sort of how I picture Morgan Greywolf. Can't you just almost see the claymore slung over her back?

[thumbnail] Morgan and Roland, in their wedding garb.

[thumbnail] One of Roland's favorite photos of his angel.

[thumbnail] Morgan in garb, though of a later period than her home century.

[photo] Formerly used on the Team Tomorrow site for another of my characters, Samantha "Songbird" Carter.

[photo] From another of my pages. Yes, several of these are from the same photographer's session :-).

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