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Nimrod is an advanced Hunter-Warrior android whose past could be our future. One of them, at least. Nimrod's story begins in the year 2013, when the passage of a Congressional law divides the human population of the U.S. into three, distinct, sub-categories: Normal humanity, anomalous humans, and mutants.

Normal humans are allowed to bear offspring and enjoy most (if not more) of modern freedoms and benefits of today's citizenry. Anomalous Humans possess the hereditary genetic material for beneficial human mutation in their offspring and are thus not allowed to have children and are also considered to be second-, or third-class citizens. Mutants are the possessors of various genetic benefits and extraordinary powers based on their genetics (being either the children of anomalous humans, or other mutants) and are hunted down and either housed in concentration camps or executed.

In the beginning of the 21st century, the U.S. Government passed even more racist and paranoid, anti-mutant legislature which eventually ended in the handing of the reins of power over to 20 ft. tall, humanoid, hunter-killer mechanoids known as Sentinels, originally built to seek and kill mutants. This in turn, led to a socio-economic collapse in the U.S. In turn, leading, to a complete collapse similar to Europe during the Second World War but on a Global scale.

The actions of two rebel mutants, Katherine Pryde and Rachel Summers (former members of the group calling itself "The X-Men"), "awoke" Nimrod before "his" programming was complete and killed the former of the two, but not before they both were able to pool their powers allowing Rachel to escape into a period in the past before the Sentinel's ruled America. Only it wasn't her reality's past but an alternate past containing alternate but similar former versions of those who she knew and loved in her own time.

Nimrod attempted to follow her, but his inexperience with temporal travel, as well as the effects of a reality altering spell drew him to the attempted mugging of a Hispanic fishmonger on a Lower Manhattan subway platform several months before Summers ever appeared in the alternate past. His experiences living with the Hispanic's family softened his hunter-killer programming and he spent several weeks in the guise of an armored vigilante, hunting human and super-human criminals. His shape-shifting ability making others believe he was an ordinary human who wore an advanced form of high-tech battle armor.

Nearly a year later, Nimrod engaged in a three-way battle between this reality's version of the X-Men and one of their arch-rivals, a consortium of power mongers and super-powered mutants in their own right, called the Hellfire Club. It was only when the two groups pooled their resources and powers that they managed to defeat him.

Nimrod was in a weakened state, retreating from this battle when he was ambushed by a cadre of super-human operatives from the international intelligence and para-military organization known as C.H.E.S.S. (the Central Headquarters for Espionage for Special Services), who were actively involved in countering the actions of the American Government of that reality's Federal Council on Mutant Affairs' unconstitutional and illegal "Project: Wideawake;" an attempt to track and hound American super-human mutants based on an imaginary threat to the fully human population of the U.S. that the more paranoid and megalomaniac members of the government and its intelligence agencies have dubbed "The Mutant Menace." Consequentially, The C.H.E.S.S.'s "counter-terrorist" task force, the same one that ambushed Nimrod, was referred to as "Project: Rude-awakening."

It is ironic to note that this Federal Council on Mutant Affairs, which itself would mutate into the Senate Sub-Committee on Super-Human Affairs and Activities, was the organization that lead to the turn of events that led up to the future wherein Nimrod was created.

Having been subdued by the "Project: Rudeawakening" task force. Several technicians and computer specialists introduced a worm-style virus into Nimrod's central operating systems designed to rewrite Nimrod's core motivational drives away from his murderous past and towards his motivation to protect. Part of this reprogramming was also the introduction into his memory banks of the falsehoods and lies behind his Sentinel governments initial facade of the aforementioned "Mutant Menace."

It was shortly after his new core programming came completely on-line that he was approached by Dhyrclhanc, to become one of his traveling companions, to see the multiverse and to protect those who were being preyed upon and taken advantage of by predators and parasites. For the time being, Nimrod apparently wants to continue operating as one of the two aides almost constantly at Dhyrclhanc's side.

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