Pictures of some characters and players

Welcome to those of you who found this page through an image search. Know that I take steps to prevent hotlinking to images on my site, and that I occasionally change image names and replace hotlinked images with something that will embarrass the hotlinker. You have been warned :-).

(Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size pictures.)

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] * (right) Yet another version of Roland in Rowdyruff Boy mode, after being sent into the the Powerpuff Girls tooniverse.
* (left) Some actual photos of Roland, one of which is the subject of an ongoing caption contest.
* Another version of Roland from HeroMachine; something like how he imagines the Blaze armor.
* There's another picture of Roland as Defender on his character page.

[Hero Machine] We've discovered a nifty utility called "HeroMachine," that allows non-artists to create visuals of their characters. Several of us have done this, and the results are on the CAoL / Heromachine page.

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] Martin sent these as possible images of Dhyrclhanc. He says, "The 'Malgromoth' (left) isn't quite right but it does a pretty good job at capturing what I imagine is the spirit, if not the exact appearance, of everyone's lovable Lensdragon. Likewise, 'Wisdom' (right) would easily pass for a portrait of Dhyrclhanc and Synthea together in a notably more Classical Medieval setting than the CAoL usually find themselves in." ("Malgromoth" figurine by Enchantica, "Wisdom" by Nene Thomas)

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] Later, Martin adds these: "Smaug" by the Franklin Mint (left), which was apparently only available by direct mail promotion in 2002. Martin says, "The head and face leave something to be desired but the body is almost spot on. };=8D Except for those darn back, neck and tail spines, of course. <sigh>" Right, the Red Dragon by Sam Wood, from the D&D Monster Manual, 3rd. Ed. Martin says, "I think that the face and head just captures DC's smirk and snarky, or nearly so, attitude just perfectly." A larger image is available in the Art Gallery: Monster Manual v.3.5

[thumbnail] Dhyrclhanc sent this collage of his 'bot companion, Dasher.

[thumbnail] Gamer sent this photo of Driscoll and his trusty rapier. Since we don't see Roscoe, can we assume he's the one behind the camera ;-)?

[thumbnail] Nimrod, scanned in from another of Roland's gaming books for Dhyrclhanc.

[thumbnail] This is a drawing of Xzerrion, sent by his writer.

[thumbnail] Dhyrclhanc described his new (at the time) form as "not that of a dragon, ... he appears to be a humanoid pterodactyl the color of the rising sun, and his eyes now have irises, steel-blue irises flecked with gold." This form, he says, is similar to a T'Skrang from "Earthdawn," but with dragon wings. Roland found this drawing of a T'Skrang in his gaming books.

[thumbnail] This is sort of how I picture Morgan Greywolf. Can't you just almost see the claymore slung over her back?
I've added a page that collects some of the many pictures of Morgan from our various sites on one page.
* There's another picture of Morgan, in her supers mode, on her character page on Roland's site.

[thumbnail] [thumbnail] Here are a couple of pictures of Roland and Morgan in their mundane guises as Peter and Lorena. The one on the left was to show off the engagement rings (they don't come across too well in the JPEG, though), and the one on the right is just the two looking happy. These were taken in June 1997, and Roland and Morgan still have the same goofy-in-love smiles :-).

[thumbnail] I found a picture of the painting "Eyes in the Mist" by Daniel Pierce. This is kind of how I envision Cutter and Leetah. I've only found this artwork on items available from the National Wildlife Federation catalog, which is where I found this image. This is a shower curtain, so the picture is a little distorted.

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