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NOTE: I no longer update this page when all I've done is add to the text archives. The "Archives updated through" date on the front page should always have date of the most recent posts.

Aug 2007: With the end of AAE9 the saga of the CAoL may be over, but I gave the site an overhaul to make sure all the code validates.

Apr 2006: Added "hosted by" links to most pages. There's been other tweaking here and there over the past year, but nothing major IIRC -- just updates to the archives.

May 2005: Added links to information on our various inspirations to the FAQ page.

Jan 2005: Minor code fixes for new hosting server (which parses SSI a little differently).

11 Nov 2004: Added link tracking to front page.

6 Apr 2004: Moved each part to it's own page instead of having a bazillion links on the Chapters page; added "cast lists" for each part.

31 Jan 2004: Updated all pages to update Greywolf Web Weaving email links, other minor cleanup.

Nov 2003: Updated all pages to replace email links with a less bot-vulnerable method.

20 Oct 2003: Updated the HeroMachine page with new pics of Sil.

10 Oct 2003: Updated the comm notation on the FAQ.

7 Oct 2003: Updated Links page to include members' blogs.

3 Sep 2003: Started AAE9.

31 July 2003: Boy, am I behind on this! I've updated the site to use SSI for the menues, which is why most pages now have the extension shtml instead of html. I also converted to style sheets, and did a bit of other cleanup here and there. AAE 8 is finished, and I'm not sure when AAE9 will start, but we're doing prep-work for it "back stage" so stay tooned ;-).

4 Nov 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 9.

11 Oct 2002: Completed redesign of full site, including dropping the old (and long unmaintained) frames version.

17 Sep 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 8 and spin-off pt. 2.

19 Aug 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 7.

18 July 2002: Added Roland as a Rowdyruff Boy to the Pictures page.

1 July 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 6.
2) Linked to "Everything I need to know, I learned from science fiction." (It'd been up since June '01.)

15 June 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 5 and spin-off 1.

24 May 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 4.

22 March 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 3.

7 February 2002: Added AAE8 ch. 2.

2 February 2002: 1) Added AAE8.
2) Changed whole site to XHTML.
3) Added Caprice's wedding to the wedding list.

14 September 2001: Added 9/11/01 memorial.

3 July 2001: 1) Created search page, instead of linking to search page on FreeFind. Also, can now search sections of the site.
2) Made page for Theme Song, so people will know they're getting a big WAV file.

6 June 2001: Started Part b of AAE7

24 May 2001: Minor fixes on chapters page.

14 April 2001: Updated FAQ for Nemo and Zia's "&" notation.

30 March 2001: 1) In addition to daily update, added a new page for all the HeroMachine images people have come up with for their characters.
2) Added AAE7.

15 March 2001: 1) In addition to daily update, replaced the Javascript dropdown links to the text archives on the index page with links to the "Archive Chapters" page.
2) Added a section for the post-AAE6 interludes.

8 March 2001: In addition to daily update, added bottom text navigation.

7 March 2001: 1) Oops! I've been so busy keeping the archives up-to-date I haven't been updating this page! Text archives are being updated daily or as often as I can, with the date of the last update showing on the front page.
2) Searchbutton is eliminating their free service, so the site search is now on

24 August 2000: Played with the design again, making the logo on all pages but the index page smaller, and cleaned up some other odds and ends.

12 July 2000: Dropped frames version rather than have to maintain a "duplicate" site.

11 July 2000: Redesigned site look, with updates of code and some minor content fixes.

27 Marb 00: 1) Added page with photos of Roland.
2) Updated Eudora text dumps through 17 Mar.

21 Feb 00: Major review/rework of code to bring everything up to snuff, with a few other fixes and minor content updates.

9 Feb 00: Added the fourth (and final) section of AAE5

5 Feb 00: 1) Added the third section of AAE5
2) Somewhere prior to this, added text dumps of AAE6 so far.

8 Nov 99: Added Eudora text dumps for week ending 11/5/99.

4 Nov 99: Added Eudora text dumps of posts through 10/29/99.

28 Sep 99: Added the second section of AAE5.

10 Aug 99: About this date, added the first section of AAE5.

10 July 99: Although Yahoo changed the TOS to be more acceptable, moved the entire site to 4webspace (later known as cheap4web), then eventually to our domain ( This included a "once-over" for all pages.

1 July 99: Removed all pages from Geocities to protest the new Yahoo "Terms of Service."

25 April 99: Updated bios for "pookie's" characters (John, Rhia, Jadis and the Zodaii).

8 April 99: General update of info, addition of a couple of graphics, and fixes of some code problems.

29 December 98: Added ch. 64-72, removed text dumps and tweaked pages to reflect all of AAE4 now up.

8 November 98: Moved Site Fights guestbook entries to their own book.

1 November 98: 1) Added ch. 61, 62 & 63, updated text dumps accordingly.
2) Changed image for Roland on Pics page.

31 October 98: 1) Fixed JavaScript problem with text dump drop-downs.
2) Added ch. 59 & 60, updated last text dump to pick up 10/25, and updated other files accordingly.

26 October 98: 1) Added ch. 57 & 58.
2) Added text dump for 10/18.

23 October 98: 1) Modified layout.
2) Added bio page for Nimrod.

20 October 98: 1) Added text dump for week of 10/11.
2) Tweeked background colors to be 8-bit safe.

11 October 98: 1) Updated Site Fights banner with new URL.
2) Added AAE4 ch. 56 and text for weeks of 9/27 & 10/4, and updated other files accordingly.

1 October 98: 1) Added banner for The Site Fights.
2) Brought frames version up to date.

28 September 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 50-55.
2) Added text dumps for weeks of 9/6, 9/13 & 9/20, and updated others.
3) Added links to Morgan and Roland's character write-ups (& artwork) to the pics page.

11 September 98: Added text dump for week of 8/30.

3 September 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 44, 45, 46, 47 & 49.
2) Added text dump for week of 8/23 and updated others accordingly.
3) Added "updated" graphic to AAE4 with last update date (so people don't have to come here to see how far along it is :-).

31 August 98: Added logo and link to "Irony Games PBeM News" (since we're listed there now).

28 August 98: 1) Changed to re-written descriptions of AAE's 1-4 (& some reformatting).
2) Changed tables of chapter links to drop-down menus, and added page with tables of chapters for non-JavaScript-enabled visitors.
3) Added AAE4 chapters 42 & 43.
4) Updated text dumps accordingly.

27 August 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 38, 39, 40 & 41.
2) Added text dump for week of 8/16 and updated others accordingly.

25 August 98: Added tracking.

19 August 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 36, 37, 37a & 37b.
2) Updated text dumps accordingly.

18 August 98: Added text dump for 8/9 & updated others.

10 August 98: 1) Updated bios for John and Jadis.
2) Added AAE4 chapters 34 & 35.
3) Added text dumps for 8/2 & updated others.

7 August 98: Got frames version mostly working.

6 August 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapter 33.
2) Updated text dumps accordingly.

3 August 98: 1) Switched to complete redesign of home page.
2) Added AAE4 chapter 32.
3) Added text dumps for weeks of 7/19 & 7/26, and updated the rest accordingly.

19 July 98: 1) Added "Things To Do If Bored" award code.
2) Added AAE4 chapter 31.
3) Added text dump for week of 7/12, and updated the rest accordingly.
4) Changed intro text for AAE4 to reflect plot advancements.

17 July 98: 1) Added "The Ring of Sleepless Knights" and "Role Playing Gamers' Webring."
2) Put links to home pages in a table, with names of sites.
3) Added AAE4 chapter 30.
4) Added text dump for week of 7/5, and updated the rest accordingly.

9 July 98: 1) Subdivided AAE4 by GM.
2) Added AAE4 chapter 29.
3) Added text dump for week of 6/28, and updated the rest accordingly.

6 July 98: Added HTML Writer's Guild logo.

2 July 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 27 and 28.
2) Added text dump for week of 6/21, and updated the rest accordingly.

26 June 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 25 and 26.
2) Updated Eudora text dumps accordingly.
3) Made a few other minor tweeks.

25 June 98: Updated bio for Roland, and added Shard to "enemies" page.

23 June 98: 1) Updated Mike's homepage URL and mailto link.
2) Added text dump for week of 6/14.

18 June 98: 1) Updated Dhyrclhanc's bio, putting it on its own page
2) General clean-up.
3) Added text dump for week of 6/7.
4) Added Blaze drawing to the Pics page

14 June 98: 1) Added link to Zia's page to main page.
2) Updated Thorne on Enemies page; Marked Thorne, the Controller and Drisonel deceased.
3) Updated Characters page: Added Zia, moved inactive character bios to a separate page, and moved Stardragon's bio to its own page because his was the longest bio.

8 June 98: 1) Added picture of Driscoll to pics page.
2) Added Zia's Geocities page to the Geoguide tour.

7 June 98: 1) Added AAE4 chapters 23 and 24.
2) Added Eudora text dumps to cover the period since the last posted chapter.

27 May 98: 1) Added META tags with description and keywords.
2) Added AAE4 chapters 19 thru 22.

1 May 98: 1) Changed Knytt's name to Mike on the homepage link list.
2) Added AAE4 chapters 17 and 18.
3) Made some minor stylistic fixes.

29 April 98: 1) Decided to start keeping trak of site revisions :-).
2) Removed URL minder from home page. I kept getting notices that it had changed when I hadn't touched it, so I figured it would only annoy other people.

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