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Subject: OOC: An AAE soundtrack?

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997 21:12:21 CDT, in Message # 00001112 Michael Jon Knight said:

As I walked the mile home from college yesterday, I began thinking of compiling a cassette tape or two of songs relating to time, and especially time travel. "Time Warp" was an obvious choice, and I had also been thinking of the new Amy Grant song "It Takes a Little Time" (At least, I THINK that is the title.) Anyway, I was entertaining ideas about including humorous and serious songs about time. So I started thinking about some of the ones I had used here. Of course, I hadn't used many time-specific songs, but I had used several pieces of music over the months. That got me thinking that we all have.

So the question I pose is, if you hear any music when you write, or if you've used any music in your writing, what is it? And/or is there any theme music for your character(s)?

{Mike gave examples -- I've put them in the table}


So, here's a compilation of what folx had to say.

Information on purchasing some of this music from [] is noted in brackets. Please forgive the commercialism, but this is a way for me to try to get a little something back for the time I put in maintaining this site :-). For anything purchased through the following links, I get a small credit. So have a look and see if there's anything you like!


-- Theme from The Flash TV series *g* (B) [Danny Elfman, Music For A Darkened Theatre, Vol. 2]
-- "(everything I do) I do it for you" -- Bryan Adams (R) [Robin Hood -- Prince of Thieves soundtrack or So Far So Good]
-- Morgan sez: "Sons of Scotland" from the Braveheart soundtrack for the "Blaze in Dibis" scene (B) [also available is More Music from Braveheart]
-- "Princes of the Universe" -- Queen (R) [A Kind Of Magic]
-- "Go The Distance" -- Michael Bolton, Hercules soundtrack (both)
-- Babylon 5 4th Season opening score (both) [Babylon 5: Messages From Earth]
-- "Dare" and "The Touch" from The Transformers soundtrack


-- Roland sez: "Angel" -- Aerosmith :-) [Big Ones]
-- "On the Turning Away" -- Pink Floyd [originally on Momentary Lapse Of Reason, also on Delicate Sound Of Thunder -- Live]
-- (and maybe also "Princes of the Universe," since the end of AAE2; I'm not going to quibble about the gender *g*)
-- In battle: "Battle of Stirling" from Braveheart [see Roland/Blaze for links for these last two]

Roland and
Morgan together

Our Song, IC: "I Will Find You" -- Clannad, Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, or longer version on Banba
Morgan/Roland in battle together: "Hard" music from Krull


-- "Man of La Mancha" and "The Impossible Dream" -- Richard Kiely (none of this Placido Domingo nonsense) [Man of La Mancha Original Broadway Cast)]
-- "Don Quixote" -- Gordon Lightfoot [Don Quixote]
-- "Mountains on My Mind" -- C.W. McCall (1970's novelty singer who also did "Convoy" on the same Album)
-- "Princes of the Universe" -- Queen (A very popular choice, it seems) [see above]
-- "Learning to Fly" -- Pink Floyd [originally on Momentary Lapse Of Reason, also on Delicate Sound Of Thunder -- Live]
-- "Bonnie Portmore" -- Loreena McKennitt [The Visit]
-- "Big Man on Mulberry Street" -- Billy Joel [Bridge]
"New York State of Mind" -- Billy Joel [Turnstiles & two Greatest Hits albums]
-- "Wanted Dead or Alive" -- Bon Jovi, [Slippery When Wet or Cross Road]

And my nomination for the CAoL battle theme, especially with both Dhyrclhanc *and* the Stardragon back:
-- "Under a Raging Moon" -- Roger Daltry [Under A Raging Moon]


"Weird Science," I've been trying to find one for the parts of him that have not been made obvious yet. (What else could it be?) [Oingo Boingo, Dead Man's Party; extended dance version on Vol. 2 -- Hit That Perfect Beat]


-- "Time Warp" -- [Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack or the Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Album]
-- "Insomnia" -- Faithless [Reverence]
-- "Swingin' On a Star" -- Bing Crosby (course I sang that and would have to get a stunt singer. ;)) ["Swingin' On a Star" -- Bing Crosby, Hits Of '44]
-- "Waltzing Matilda" -- (rats, forgot who wrote that. Would need stunt singer again.)
-- "Out of My Mind" -- Duran Duran (You guessed it... stunt singer.) [Medazzaland]
-- "Dead Man Walking" -- David Bowie [Earthling]
-- Knytt's theme: "As Time Goes By" (Though, I don't listen to it when I write, it does sum him up very well.) [Casablanca soundtrack]
-- (from Roland and Morgan) Suggestion for Knytt: "Journey of the Sorcerer" -- Eagles [eg] For those of you who don't recognize it under that name, it's the theme for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. [One Of These Nights]

Snarky, Clayton, and "The Evil One"

The latter is probably best served by John Williams -- that is, the Star Wars soundtracks (eps 4-6 only) [Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi], particularly Vader's -- and possibly Iron Maiden's Caught Somewhere In Time [Somewhere in Time]. The other two? The Omen. Gotta be (it'll become obvious who gets which tracks /later/).

Rob Nishikawa

I find myself running "Land of Confusion" (Genesis, live version from The Way We Walk) through my head in fight scenes. That, or "I'm Just a Singer (in a rock and roll band)" (Moody Blues) [Seventh Sojurn or Night at Red Rocks]
Rob's departures go well with Sheryl Crow's "Diamond Road" [C'mon, C'mon].
And sooner or later, I'll figure out where "Just Begin Again" (Spinal Tap, Break Like the Wind) and "Wine from the Water" (Alan Parsons, Try Anything Once) fit in.


Well Driss's theme (obviously to those of your from AAE2) is "Behind Blue Eyes" -- The Who, [Who's Next] with his own filk that goes with it.


Almost any song by Queen, "Don't Worry, Be Happy," [Bobby McFerrin, Don't Worry, Be Happy] or that Enya song from the movie Toys ["Ebudae" -- Enya, Toys soundtrack]

The Controller

"Stayin' Alive," [Saturday Night Fever soundtrack] or the Emperor's entrance music from the Star Wars movies. ;-) [Star Wars -- The Return of the Jedi soundtrack]


"Hey Big Spender" [Sweet Charity Original Broadway Cast]


Well, Xzerrion at one point quoted "March of Cambreadth" by Heather Alexander. When he's on a morality kick, "Courage Knows No Bounds" by the same singer works as well. (For lyrics, hover over song titles on The Heatherlands on BandCamp.)


With the scrying activity Drisonel's been up to, "I'll Be Watching You" seems appropriate for her :)


I have 2 Tenchi soundtrack CD's I sometimes use. Other times a song will play through in my head as I write certain scenes. Or I'll be listening to a song and scenes will suggest themselves for later writing. [Tenchi soundtracks]

John's theme music: "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen [A Kind Of Magic]


-- "Here I go again" -- Whitesnake [Whitesnake]
-- "No mercy" -- The Stranglers [Aural Sculpture & Greatest Hits]
-- "Blaze of Glory" -- Jon Bon Jovi [Blaze Of Glory]
-- "Synchronicity" (Which one, Stranger? There're two on the album.) -- Police [Synchronicity]
-- "Stranger in a Strange Land" -- Iron Maiden [Somewhere in Time]
-- Sergio Leone's theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack
-- Theme from A View to a Kill soundtrack, also on Duran Duran's Greatest

Dramatic battle music:
-- "Requiem", Verdi (many albums; the link gives search results)
-- Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" [Apocalypse Now soundtrack] or one of the noisy bits from The Ring (many albums; the link gives search results)
-- "Carmina Burana" -- Carl Orff (many albums; the link gives search results)
-- Something heavily choral


-- "Gimme the Prize" -- Queen [A Kind Of Magic]
-- "I Want It All" -- Queen [The Miracle]
-- "The Show Must Go On" -- Queen [Innuendo]


-- "Athena" -- Moody Blues (or is that Dire Straits?) [the most likely one I found was by The Who on It's Hard]
-- "Venus" -- Bannanarama [True Confessions or Greatest Hits Collection]
-- "Sister Moon" -- Sting [Nothing Like The Sun]

Anna Mahloy

(Martin mentioned "Venus" by Bannanarama)
[EG] Interesting choice, that's also Anna Mahloy's. As well as "Atom Bomb," which was sort of her inspiration. And one more from The Saint soundtrack, "Underground." Especially the line about being open to falling from grace.

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