Geek of all Trades Episode # 2: I do in fact “got chills” and they are indeed “multiplyin’.”

In which our illustrious host loses control, cause the power you’re supplying, is electrifying. Also, he re-tells the origins of his nickname, reviews a movie (or perhaps 3), gives an update on a couple of his writing projects, announces a new segment, teases another new segment, and shows off the brand new show notes format.

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Mentioned on the Show:
The View Askew Message Boards
The Great Green Arkleseizure
Star Trek New Frontier
Arkle, the horse
Grease: You’re The One That I Want
The Balticon Ep of the Geologic Podcast
Tofu ‘may raise risk of dementia’
Do octopuses have a favourite tentacle?
Socks-obsessed schoolboys
Worms Do Calculus To Find Meals Or Avoid Unpleasantness
Separation of Church and the DMV
Hellboy II The Golden Army
War, Inc.
The Shock Doctrine
The Weird Show
The Islamic calendar
Dr. Emily Howard Stowe
The Trinity nuclear tests
Alexander P. Butterfield
Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Directive on Superpowers (DC Universe RPG by West End Games)
The Elevator Pitch
The News From Poughkeepsie
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The video of the closing sound

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