Geek of all Trades Episode #3: I finally get some Pod-cred.

In which our illustrious host interviews his podcasting idol, finally makes his Schenectady Mailbox an official segment, announces a new one even though he doesn’t have an intro for it yet, insists people go see The Dark Knight, and gives a positive review of the new X-Files movie. Oh BTW, no Odd News segment this week folks. Sorry.

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This Week’s Schenectady Mailbox Writing Prompt: The Shift Change Harassment Squad.

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Mentioned on the Show:
The Dark Knight
Neo Cartoon Lover
The X-Files I Want To Believe
Mur Lafferty
Interview With A (Losing) Candidate
The official Watchmen trailer
J.R. Blackwell
Columbus’s 4th voyage
Disney’s Flowers and Trees
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elvis Presley
“In God We Trust” as the U.S. national motto
the Social Security Act of 1965
The Apollo 15 Mission
Jimmy Hoffa disappears
The Takeover
The News From Poughkeepsie
‘Body Of Christ” Returned To Church After Student Receives Email Threats
N.J. Student Speaks Out Against Biased Textbook That Pushes Prayer Myths
William Shatner
Leonard Cohen
Homicide: Life on the Street
The Lone Gunmen
Law & Order SVU

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