Geek of all Trades Episode #12: ‘Cause I’m hype/hyped as a hypochondriac.

In which our illustrious host begs for more voicemails and e-mails, starts a discussion about fan fiction and the state of media, mispronounces the name of the band that does this week’s show, discusses changing college minors, talks about enjoying college, and complains about a 9 year old who’s more successful than him.

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This Week’s Schenectady Mailbox Writing Prompt: Cyberpunk with bunnies

Best of the Left:
Form Letter Rejection Theatre:

Mentioned on the Show:
Sligo Rags
Personal Effects: Dark Art
The CSI Franchise
The Rachel Maddow Show (radio) (was
The Rachel Maddow Show (TV)
We Can Do It Again
Company tries to get gun classed as medical device
Man killed for ‘hogging karaoke’
We had real dictators back then! Good times!
Fireman fled mice
12v Theater
A Thousand Kisses Deep lyrics
Nine-year-old’s self-help book a hit
December 12th

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