Geek of All Trades Episode #102: War of the Worlds tribute

Geek of All Trades logoGeek of all Trades Episode #102: War of the Worlds tribute
Wherein Martians invade the podcast.

(NOTE: This episode was intended to drop early enough to actually listen to on Halloween. Audacity had other ideas, crashing during a save and wiping out several hours of editing despite having been saving regularly. Fortunately, I’d saved the raw recording in a separate location, but recovering still took time.)

(Note 2: Oops, forgot to post this here *g*. Episode 103 coming soon…)

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War of the Worlds notes:
* The War of the Worlds (Wikipedia)
* Other adaptations (Wikipedia)
* Special Bulletin (Wikipedia)
* Without Warning (Wikipedia)
* Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds official site

In Memoriam:
* Sergeant Lonnie Zamora, UFO witness, (Nov 2)
* Andrew Donald Booth, computer pioneer (Nov 29)
* Robert Holdstock, fantasy author (Nov 29)
* Christopher Anvil, SF author (Nov 30)
* Dan O’Bannon, screen writer and director (Dec 17)
* Kage Baker, sf/f author (Jan 31)
* Violet Barclay, pioneering female comic-book artist (Feb 26)
* Ed Roberts, “the father of the personal computer” (Apr 1)
* Carl Macek, anime producer (Apr 17)
* Frank Frazetta, sf/f artist (May 10)
* Martin Gardner, science writer (May 22)
* Alexei Kondratiev, Celtic Pagan, Christian and linguist (May 27)
* Jeanne Robinson, dancer and wife of Spider Robinson (May 30)
* James P. Hogan, SF author (Jul 12)
* Shirley Silvey, pioneering female animator (Jul 17)
* Isaac Bonewits, founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship and “merely one of the Neopagan movement’s better-known Unindicted Co-conspirators” (Aug 12)
* Bill Millin, who played the pipes whilst under fire during the D-Day landing in Normandy (Aug 17)
* Jack Horkheimer, asronomer and Star Gazer (Aug 20)
* Satoshi Kon, anime director (Aug 24)
* Edwin Charles Tubb, sf/f author (Sep 10)
* Benoît Mandelbrot, mathematician (Oct 14)
* Alex Anderson cartoonist and creator of the characters Rocky & Bullwinkle, among others (Oct 22)
* Mike Esposito, comic artist (Oct 24)
* Joseph Stein, playwright best known for writing the books for musicals like Fiddler on the Roof (Oct 24)
* Takeshi Shudo, chief writer of the Pokémon anime for its first few years (Oct 29)

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* TV’s Crowning Moments of Awesome:

Also used on the Show
* Laser shot
* Radio Static.mp3
* Memorial music loop

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