The best laid plans of mice.

The Good News: There WILL very much be a September episode of Singular Achievement Phenomenon.

The Bad: It won’t be on time. Once again, real life has gotten in the way. Coincidentally, for both hosts it involves the moving process. A very large number of packages containing my belongings came yesterday, and it was very hot, so going through them was a very drenching process. Sweat was getting in my eyes, it was bad.

The Also: I normally put these in separate posts, but hey, while I’m here I might as well. Announcing the songs for the next Singular Achievement Phenomenon.

Nobody by Sylvia (1982)
Personally by Karla Bonoff (1982)
Goin’ Down by Greg Guidry (1982)
Pac-Man Fever by Buckner and Garcia (1982)

I’m sure you’ll notice the theme there. 😉


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